Lease of Furnished House on a Monthly Tenancy (Short Form) by Shiva.

Lease of Furnished House on a Monthly Tenancy

(Short Form)

THIS LEASE is made the . . . . . . . . day of . . . . . . . ., 20 . . . ., BETWEEN A. B., aged. . . . . . . . years . . . . . . . ., etc. (as in Precedent No. 1).

WHEREAS the said A. B, agrees to let and the said C. D. agrees to take on rent the . . . . . . . . rooms on the. . . . . . . .floor of the dwelling house situate at . . . . . . . . Road, in the city of . . . . . . . . AND ALSO the furniture, articles and effects now being in the said room and detailed in the Schedule hereunder written for the term of one year AT the rent of rupees . . . . . . . . (Rs . . . . . .) only per month;

NOW, THEREFORE, the said A. B. in pursuance of the above agreement and in consideration of the rent herein reserved does hereby transfer by way of lease ALL THAT portion of the dwelling house consisting of . . . . . . . . rooms on the east side numbered . . . . . . together with attached latrine and bathroom and one kitchen on the first floor of the said building situate at No. . . . . . on the . . . . . Road in the city of . . . . . . . ., with furniture, articles and effects detailed in the Schedule hereto on the terms and conditions hereinafter appearing:

1. That the Tenant shall keep and preserve the said furniture, articles and effects so far as reasonable wear will permit in a proper state and condition and supply and replace any articles that may be destroyed, broken or lost during the tenancy by articles of a like kind and of equal value, and

2. That on the expiration or sooner determination of the said tenancy the Tenant will deliver up to the Landlord the said rooms, furniture, articles and effects or such articles as shall be so substituted in the place of any of the said articles as shall have been destroyed, broken or lost as aforesaid, and

3. That the Tenant will not under-let or assign or part with the possession of the said premises or any part thereof nor remove any article from the said rooms without the written permission of the Landlord, and

4. That the Landlord will pay all rates and taxes during the period of the tenancy, but all electricity bills, conservancy charges and water charges will have to be borne by the Tenant, and

5. That the rent of the first month, that is, for the period . . . . . . . to . . . . . . . . the Tenant has paid to the Landlord which rent the Landlord hereby acknowledges as having received. All subsequent rents shall fall due on the first of each month and the Tenant shall regularly pay the same within 7 days of their accrual.

6. That the Tenant paying the rent herein reserved and observing and performing the conditions herein mentioned shall quietly and peacefully enjoy the demised property without let or hindrance from any person claiming under or on behalf of the Landlord:

PROVIDED ALWAYS that if any rent shall not be paid within the time allowed or if the Tenant shall not duly perform this agreement it shall be lawful for the Landlord to re-enter the said premises and expel and remove all persons therefrom and take possession of the demised properties and thereupon the tenancy hereby created shall be at an end:

PROVIDED ALSO the expressions ‘‘Landlord’’ and ‘‘Tenant’’ herein used shall unless inconsistent with the context include the heirs, successors and assigns of the former and in the case of the latter, his heirs only.

IN WITNESS the hands of the said parties etcetera.




Sd. A. B.


Sd. C. D.


Schedule of articles, furniture and effects, with their make and value (as in Precedent No. 2).

Schedule of property leased.