Leave and License Agreement

Leave and License Agreement

This agreement is made this 10th day of August 1999 between Mr. AB residing at …………………………………………. (hereinafter referred to as the LICENSOR which term shall include his successors and assigns) of the one part and Mr. CD residing at ………………………………… (hereinafter referred to as the LICENSEE which term shall include his heirs and successors) of the other part.

WHEREAS the LICENSOR is owner of land and building situate at………

………………… consisting of 5 floors, partly occupied by the tenants and the LICENSOR and partly vacant.

WHEREAS the LICENSEE has requested the LICENSOR to allow the LICENSEE to occupy and use temporarily about 1000 sq. ft. floor area on the ground floor on the South Eastern corner of the building on leave and license basis for carrying on his business till the LICENSEE gets an alternative accommodation for his business.

And WHEREAS the LICENSOR has agreed to allow on leave and license basis the LICENSEE to occupy and use the said ground floor portion of the said building on temporary basis.

Now these presents witnesseth and the parties hereby agree as


1. The LICENSOR hereby allows the LICENSEE on leave and license basis to use the said 1000 sq. ft. area on the South-East corner of the ground floor of the said premises No. ………. of ………………………………. belonging to the LICENSOR and where the LICENSOR maintains an office for correspondence and will continue to maintain  (hereinafter referred to as the said licensed portion) for a period of six months from the date of execution hereof in the first instance.

2. The LICENSOR and his stenographer shall have the right to use the office at any time and to enter upon the licensed portion at any time during working hours to inspect the premises.

3. The LICENSOR shall be responsible for all sorts of repairs and paintings to be carried out not more than once a year.

4. The LICENSEE agrees to vacate the said premises on the expiry of six months or earlier if the LICENSEE secures an alternative accommodation.

5. The LICENSEE shall pay to the LICENSOR Rs. 50 per month per sq. ft. of the area given to the LICENSEE as license fee  payable in advance by the 10th of each month.

6. The LICENSEE shall not be responsible for any repairs or payment of any rates, taxes or levies in respect of the said licensed portion.

7. The LICENSEE shall pay 98% of the electric charges and water charges on the basis of actual consumption by the LICENSEE and for this purpose a separate Electric and Water Meter would be provided in the said licensed portion and the LICENSOR would pay the balance 2% of such charges apportionable to his office in the said licensed portion.

8. The LICENSEE shall not use the licensed portion except for carrying on its business.

9. The license is given on a personal basis and the LICENSEE will not be entitled to transfer the benefit of this agreement or give sub-license to anybody else.

10. The LICENSEE agrees that the LICENSOR would lock up the entrances to the entire building including the licensed portion at midnight and thereafter the ingress to or egress from the licensed premises would not be permissible or possible till 6 A.M. in the morning except in case of emergency when the LICENSOR’s Durwan or Night Watchman will be available for opening the doors.

11. The LICENSEE undertakes not to cause any damage or defacement of the ceiling, walls or floors of the licensed portion.

12. The LICENSEE shall not carry out any structural repairs, additions or alterations and shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the neighbours or store any hazardous goods or do anything which would damage the premises or jeopardise others.

13. On any breach of any of the terms of the agreement the LICENSOR will be entitled to terminate the license on giving seven days’ notice.

14. On termination of the license or on expiry of period of the license the LICENSEE shall make over vacant and peaceful possession of the licensed portion to the LICENSOR in good condition.

In witness whereof the parties hereto have executed these presents on the day, month and year first above-written.

Signed and delivered by Mr. AB

the LICENSOR in the presence of:                                               Signature



Signed and delivered by Mr. CD

the LICENSEE in the presence of:                                               Signature