Legal Drafting (Civil)

Legal Drafting (Civil)

Introduction to Civil Drafting

1. Hazira

2. Application for time

3. Plaints

4. Written statements

5. Agreements

(a) For sale (Baina)

(b) Business and Commercial Contracts between Companies and


(c) Service Contracts

(d) Contracts to Rent Movable Properties

(e) Hire Purchase Agreement

(f ) Tenancy Agreement

Petitions; Written Objections; Memorandum of Appeal; Application under Order IX Rule 4, 9 and 13 for Restoration of Suits; Legal Notice;

Deeds: (a) Deed of Sale; (b) Deed of Lease; (c) Deed of Mortgage; (d) Deed of Redemption of Mortgage; (e) Deed of Exchange; (f) Deed of Gift; (9) Deed of Will; (h) Deed of Partition;

Books Recommended:

1. Guide to Practical Civil Drafting by Sushan Kunjuraman

2. Law of Conveyancing Practice and Drafting by N S Bindra

3. Practical Hints to Lawyering Skill by Deveral Capps

4. Principles & Precedents of the Law of Conveyancing, Draftsman & Interpretation of

Deeds & Documents by GM. Kothari

5. Civil Suits Instructions manual by Government Publication

6. Plaints and Complaints by 9. A. B. Majumder

7. A Guide to Conveyancing and Legal Drafting by Barrister Abdul Halim

8. Civil Rules and Orders by Government Publication

9. Civil Litigation in Bangladesh by Dr. Rafiqul Islam Mehedi

10. Supreme Court Practice, Civil and Criminal Drafting (2006)by Istiaque Ahmed and Zubaer


  1. Civil Drafting and Practice by Siddiqur Rahman Miah
  2. Practical Hints to Lawyering Skills by Advocate Musfique Huda
  3. Law on Partition (second Edition) by DLR Publication

(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)