Legal Practitioners And Bar Council Act, 1965


Practitioners And Bar Council Act, 1965 (Iii Of 1965)


Chapter VII—Conduct
of Advocates



of advocates for misconduct

Bar Council
Canons of Professional Conduct and Etiquette

Chapter II,
Clause 4

a reference to the Bar Council canons of professional conduct and etiquette
framed under The Legal Practitioners and Bar Council Act, 1965 it appears that
there is no prescribed fees to the lawyers. It has only been said that in
accepting legal fees some considerations are to be made by the Advocates
themselves with regard to the time, labour and intricacies of the case. These
instructions are mere guide-lines and it has no binding force. Hence, the High
Court Division rightly held that the amount charged. as legal fees is not
disproportionate as there is no fixed standard of fees of Advocates.

Bar Council Vs. Mr. Khawja Abdul Gani and another, 18 BLD(AD)64.