Different kinds of law have been introduced into the travel and tourism industry. Legal responsibilities of hospitality operator to guests are one of them. Since the 1960s the key legislations within travel and tourism are the development of tourism act, package travel regulation, air passenger duty, the future of the air transport white paper and the development of the UK strategies.

Development of the tourism act- The development of tourism act was passed in 1969; this piece of legislation is more than 40 years old and is still used to this day. The main aspects outlined in the act are:
1)      The act established the following tourism boards: British TouristAuthority, English Tourist Board, Wales Tourist Board and Scottish Tourist Board.
2)      Section 4 grants for touristdevelopment
3)      Hotel development grants
4)      Compulsory registration scheme ofaccommodation The Government are talking about introducing a new tourism act, but nothing has been confirmed.

Package travel regulation: 
This regulation came into force of the 1st of January 1993 in which it was introduced in 12 countries that were member of the EU. The main aim
of this legislation was to give people buying package holidays from tour operators more protection and access to compensation if something was to go wrong. The volcanic ash from 2010 shows the importance of this legislation as they could not travel and they could have also been intituled to compensation.

Air Passenger Duty (APD): 
This legislation was introduced by the UK Government in 2004 as a way to reduce the growth of air travel. APD was doubled on the 1stFebruary 2007 and had proved efficient as many people are concerned about the increasing tax revenues.
Future of Air Transport White Paper:
The UK transport industry transport more than 200 million passenger every year. The Government expect this to double by 2020. The future of air transport white paper was established in November 2004, within the legislation they talk about how the want to improve the growth of the number of airports.

Development of the UK strategies: 
The Department for the Culture, Media and Sport is responsible for planning the future of the UK tourism. In 1999 the nation tourism strategy tomorrow’s Tourismwhich highlighted the following: The framework for UK tourism, achieving quality, developing sustainable tourism and monitoring progress. In July 2004 Tomorrow’s Tourism Today established a plan to set out responsibilities of the public and private sector and the key aspects of marketing, quality, skills and data collecting.