Majority Act, 1875
[IX of 1875]

Section 3—
The girl is a minor aged about 17 years born on 11.9.1971 —Petitioner father being the greatest well—wisher of the victim girl it is in her best interest that she remains in her father’s custody and she will be at liberty to go anywhere she likes when she attains the age of majority.
Sukhendra Chandra Das Vs. Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs 42 DLR 79.

Section 3—
Custody of the kidnapped minor girl to her lawful guardian—the age of the girl whether she is sui juris shall be the determining factor.
For the purpose of the lawful guardianship the age of majority is that as laid down in section 3 of the Majority Act—Though a Mohammadan female attains majority upon her attaining puberty under Mohammadan Law she is still minor and subject to the control of the guardian till she attains majority that is, till she becomes sui furls according to the Majority Act, 1875.
Krishna Pada Dutta Vs. Bangladesh 42 DLR 297.