Notice by Landlord to Repair Dilapidations

Notice by Landlord to Repair Dilapidations


AB (Tenant)

Re: Premises No. ……………

Dear Sir

Please take notice that in pursuance of the covenant contained in a deed of lease dated the …………… day of ……… 2000 and made between you, of the one part, and myself, of the other part [or, of cl. (m)] of s. 108 of the Transfer of Property Act (in the absence of any such agreement) I hereby give you notice to keep and maintain the above premises wind and watertight and in good and substantial repair and condition and in particular to execute the several repairs mentioned in the schedule hereto. You have violated the said covenant by not having the said repairs done so far.

Please take further notice that if you continue to make default or fail to remedy such breach of conditions in the manner above-mentioned within ……… days, I shall exercise my right of re-entry into the said premises in accordance with the said covenant and execute the said works at your costs and expenses as therein provided.

Schedule above referred to

Yours faithfully

Date                                                                 CD (Landlord)