Notice Demanding Payment of Mortgage Debt by shiva.

Notice Demanding Payment of Mortgage Debt


A. B. etc.


Dear Sir,

You are hereby referred to Clause 5 of the agreement of mortgage executed by you in my favour which reads: ‘‘On failure to pay the interest due for any quarter, the mortgagee may, at his option enforce payment of the entire balance then due.’’

Please take notice that you have made default in paying the interest for the quarter ending with . . . . . . . . and if the said interest, with such other interest as may be due for the current quarter is not paid within a week of the receipt of this notice I shall take steps for the enforcement of the payment of the balance due which on date amounts to the sum Rs . . . . . . . . I may warn you that in the event of my filing a suit you shall be further burdened with all costs which I may have to incur.

Yours faithfully,

Sd. C. D.