Press and Publication Ordinance, 1960


Press and
Publication Ordinance

(XV of 1960)


S. 23,
Clauses (e), (i) and (j) of sub-section (1).

“Tend to incite anyone to interfere with the
administration of law or the maintenance of law and order”. The impugned
article in the present case does not come within the mischief of the clauses of
the section. Officials and students of particular place cannot be described as
forming section of citizens of Pakistan


—Criticism of official action of a particular
cannot be said to generate feelings of hatred or enmity—Right of criticisms of
the Government’s acts—its scope and the limit.

The impugned article to be read as a whole—
Court must keep in view while construing the article to what extent it is
likely to affect the public which read it.

Hossain Vs. Province of East Pak.(1965) I7 DLR 498.


—S. 23. —‘Attempt’,
‘contempt’ and ‘Hatred’—defined.

‘Contempt’ in the active sense may be defined
as the act of viewing another as mean, vile or worthless and hatred is a
“sustained feeling of bitter aversion or dislike generally combined with a
desire to injure, destroy or get rid of its object”.

The term “disaffection” means and include
disloyalty and all feelings of enmity and hatred. Ibid.