ACT, 1894

of 1894)

Section—27(2) and Jail Code

Paragraphs 962 and 963

962 of the Jail Code provides that a prisoner under 21 is considered as
juvenile or adolescent and such prisoners should be kept separated from the
adult prisoners. Paragraph 963 of the Jail Code provides that confinement of
juvenile offenders in jail is objectionable for many good reasons.

The State Vs. Deputy
Commissioner, Satkhira, and others, 14BLD(HCD)266


Section 30
sub-section 1 of the Act provides that every prisoner under sentence of death
shall, immediately on his arrival in the prison after sentence, be searched by,
or by order of, the Jailer and all articles shall be taken from him which the
Jailer deems it dangerous or inexpedient to leave in his possession.
Sub-section (2) of Section 30 of the Act further provides that every such
prisoner shall be confined in a cell apart from all other prisoners, and shall
be placed by day and by night under the charge of a guard.

Major (Retd) Baziul Huda
Vs The State, 20BLD(HCD)204.