We have noticed that respondent No.1- University has already been in full commission on account of assurances from the authority. Some 400 students have been prosecuting their studies in the University. The said respondent has fulfilled most of the conditions required under the Act . And the Grants Commission, as a matter of fact, has also given their opinion in favour of according permission to respondent No.1-University. Private universities tinder similar conditions have already been granted provisional permission and they have been functioning under administrative orders of the Government. In the circumstances permission in the nature of administrative order in respect of this university seems to be a formality which should be forthcoming from the Government in no time in accordance with the application dated 21 May 1995 and the law then in force
then in force and in terms of the letter of the Grants Commission dated 14 October 1997.

Bangladesh & Ors. Vs. Dhaka International University & Ors. 8 BLT(AD)-198.