Recruiting in Labor Markets

Recruiting in Labor Markets

Chapter Objectives

¡ Identify different ways that labor markets can be identified and approached.

¡ Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external recruiting.

¡ Specify three internal sources for recruiting and issues associated with their use.

¡ List and briefly discuss five external recruiting sources.

¡ Explain why Internet recruiting has grown and how employers are conducting it.

¡ Discuss three factors to consider when evaluating recruiting efforts.

Strategic Approach to Recruiting

•   Benefits of a Strategic Approach

Ø   Matches recruiting activity with organizational and human resource plans.

•   Acquiring the Right Human Capital Entails:

Ø   Knowing the business and industry

Ø   Identifying keys to success in the labor market

Ø   Cultivating networks and relationships

Ø   Promoting the company brand

Ø   Creating recruiting metrics

FIGURE  7-1 Strategic Recruiting Stages

Recruiting and Labor Markets

•   Recruiting

Ø  The process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for organizational jobs

•   Labor Markets

Ø  The external supply pool from which organizations attract their employees

•   Tight versus Loose Labor Markets

Ø  Low unemployment creates competition for employees, raising labor costs.

Ø  High unemployment results the availability of more applicants and more qualified applicants.

FIGURE  7-2 Labor Market Components

Reaching the Applicant Population

Different Labor Markets and Recruiting

Strategic Recruiting Decisions

FIGURE  7-3 Typical Division of HR Responsibilities: Recruiting

FIGURE  7-4 Recruiting and Diversity Considerations

FIGURE  7-5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal and External Recruiting Sources

Internal Recruiting

External Recruiting

FIGURE  7-6 What to Include in an Effective Recruiting Ad

Internet Recruiting

Internet Recruiting (cont’d)

Internet Recruiting (cont’d)

FIGURE  7-7 Recruiting Source Value Index for Employers

Recruiting Evaluation and Metrics

Operationalizing HR Strategy


Sample Recruiting Evaluation Pyramid

Increasing Recruiting Effectiveness