A Report on Agni Systems Limited

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A Report on Agni Systems Limited


Strategic Marketing examines the concepts and processes in market-driven strategies which mean escalating importance of superior customer value, leveraging distinctive capabilities, responding quickly to change in the marketplace.

Nature and history of the Company

Agni Systems Ltd. started ISP service in 1995. Initially only dial-up service was offered and later ADSL and wireless broadband was added. The company was converted to a public listed firm in 2003 and now trades on Dhaka and Chittagong stock exchanges under the symbol AGNISYSL. The company’s main office is located in Dhaka. It has access to well over twenty pops in the city and operates a branch office in Chittagong.

Marketing activities used by Agni System

Products and services Strategy

Agni Systems has been offering Internet and corporate network solutions to individuals and corporate offices since 1995. Current subscriber base for Agni includes around 6,500 dial-up subscribers (prepaid), 1500 post-paid dial-up subscribers, around 300 DSL/FTTH broadband subscribers and over 100 wireless broadband subscribers. Agni presently offers the following services to its customers:

  • Dial-up internet access, up to 56 kbps connectivity
  • High bandwidth internet access
  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) broadband – Shared and dedicated
  • Wireless – dedicated wireless broadband using licensed frequency
  • FTTH (active Ethernet PPPoE connection)
  • Dedicated connectivity between Dhaka and Chittagong
  • Domain name registration and hosting
  • Website and virtual domain hosting
  • Web design and hosting solutions
  • Network design, installation and administration services
  • Server co-location services

Other activities

Besides the core business of providing Internet access, Agni also provides advanced training on Linux operating system as global training partners of Red Hat Inc. of the USA. Agni is also involved in import and distribution of network related products manufactured by ZyXEL Communication Corporation of Taiwan.

Market Driven Strategy of Agni System:

It is the route to obtaining a competitive advantage by providing superior customer value to customers. Here the challenges are:

  • Marketing strategy opens up the opportunity of gaining a competitive advantage.
  • It should give light to new product development, customer relationship management, value-chain management and business strategy implementation.
  • In place of traditional management cross-functional teams should work to manage core business processes.
  • Understanding customers, competitors, market environment to manage the market core business processes.
  • Giving priorities on new relationships with customers, suppliers, chain members & competitors.
  • Establish a process to learn customers, competitors & other sources to have a substantial competitive edge.
  • Use of IT to have a better relation between customer & supplier.

Critically analyze the environmental and ethical aspects that affect the organizational activities

Technology Used:

Agni system is planning to develop WIMAX technology to penetrate into the broaden corporate residential broadband market by providing interference free higher bandwidth at a relatively cheaper price.

Windows XP

Dial-up setup for windowsXP

This document contains instruction for connecting a windowsXP computer to the internet using Agni online dial-up services.

Windows me

Dial-up setup for windows me

This document contains instruction for connecting a windows me computer to the internet using Agni online dial-up services.

Widows 2000

Dial-up setup for windows 2000

This document contains instruction for connecting a windows 2000 computer to the internet using Agni online dial-up services.

Windows 98

Dial-up setup for windows 98

This document contains instruction for connecting a windows 98 computer to the internet using Agni online dial-up services. The overall evaluation of a company Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats is called SWOT analysis.

Strategic Tools Used by Agni System

Superior Customer Value of Agni System

· Agni system has excellent high quality image.

· Agni system has an excellent service network and customer know they will get quick repair service.

· Marketers who sell the products are knowledgeable and well trained in selling.

Distinctive Capabilities:

It is an area of buyer need in which a company can perform profitably. Opportunities can be classified accordingly to their success probabilities.

· Agni system may develop more powerful marketing strategy by developing a communication between the customers and marketers.

· Customer is showing increased interest in more compact stereo system.

· Accumulated Knowledge

· Exercised through organizational processes

· Enables the firm to coordinate activities

· Make use of their assets (Brand image)

Cope with Environmental changes:

As Agni Systems Ltd offeres and later ADSL and wireless broadband, it has to cope with the environmental changes. An environmental threat is a challenging posed by an unfavorable trend or development that would lead, in the absence of defensive marketing action, to deterioration in sales or profit. Threat should be classified according to seriousness and probability occurs.

Problem of Agni system

· Agni system is not spending enough money for advertisement and promotion, where as some

· Major competitors are spending more and more money in that level. Agni system price is sometime higher than other companies but this higher price is not support by a real perceived difference in quality. The pricing strategy should be reevaluated

· Agni system needs a unique selling position in every route.

· Agni system is not clearly positioned compared with number one line.


Considering some problems we recommend some suggestions for overcoming those problems. If the company below recommendations and suggestions and reforms their activities of networking and implementing policies and practices, we hope and expect that it will provide positive result. Side by side, it is shaped as a favorable condition for providing internet service and implementing policies and practices.

Every department of the company should be made fully computerized and each of the engineers should have a personal computer to do their job promptly and make decision accurately.

· Some more technicians and expert engineer should be there to judge project viability accurately.

· Fresh and young generation employee should be appointed in this company who are familiar with the latest technology and literacy.

· A regular training program should be launched for each employee from the training department so that the employees keep themselves updated with any change occurred in the field of innovation, technology and edge.

· A proper and prompts co-ordination and cooperation environment should be launched so that they work as a team and make the appraisal report promptly to prevent the project to be obsolete.

· A market research institution should be established for proper market survey and the assumptions should be more realistic.

· Steps should be taken to strengthen the existing feed back system, so that the problem of getting information about technology can overcome

· Adequate attention should be given to the human side of the project.

· The quality of machinery and other equipment should be justified.

· If there have any management conflict among sponsors group proper guidance and consultancy should be provide to resolve such conflict.

· Physical field investigation should be maintained to check any irregularity.

· It is necessary to do detailed implementation planning before commencing the actual implementation.

· Proper communication process should be established with the management.


To be a market oriented company involves several interrelated requirements. The major activities include information acquisition, inter functional assessment, shared diagnosis, and coordinated action. The main objective of these activities is to deliver superior customer value.