A Report on Holiday Beach Resort

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A Report on Holiday Beach Resort

First of all the holiday beach resort is very important part of a country. We know holiday resort is recreation place for human life. A development country must have holiday resort. We have undertaken a project to open a holiday resort at the suitable place in Rangpur porjoton mettle. We assume that it is one kind of beautiful area in Bangladesh. The name of the resort is “The Holiday Beach Resort” on which the report is based. It stands in Rangpur model town.

It stands proudly on a manmade island some 200 meters offshore and is linked to the mainland by a slender gently curving causeway.

We have an employment problem. It is the great problem of our country. At the same time our economic condition is not good. Made the holiday resort various rotation of many people became creation self reliant.


Firstly my target all classes of people come and enjoy their. Foreign tourists are also come.


This resort is stand on the middle of Rangpur town & near the Rangpur porjoton motel it is the main place of Rangpur. 4km from Rangpur rail station & 1km from bus station. And various kinds of place are there. Every foreigner like the resort.


1. Hotel Facilities:

· Hotel Classification = Hotel Saint Martin

· Luxurious Deluxe Suites

· Accommodation – 200 duplex suites

· Location – 4th to 10th floor

· Occupancy- 3 adults & 2 children

Each suites area 45sq. meters. Each suite has standard hidden network of advanced technology- lighting, curtains, television, telephone, air conditions etc. Each suite has dressing room, bad room with twin bed and luxury bath room. Marble tiles, gold staircase leopard, print tufted carpets, marble flooring and wooden furniture.

2 . Café & Fast food

It will situated on 2nd floor of Hotel Saint Martin. It offer tea, coffee, cake, burger, & many kinds of drinks.


Located on 2nd floor of hotel. There are a bar adjacent to café & fast food. It opens all time & people came pre & post dinner drink.

4. Sports facilities

Located on 11th floor of the Saint Martin. In this hotel there are so many sport facilities. There are children zone, pool, bowling, table tannic, cram board & many other games.

5. Shopping center

There will be a small shopping center in the hotel. Located on 12th & 13th floor. Which is multistoried, fully air conditioned and all kinds of product are available there.

6. Health club and Treatment room

It will situated on 3rd floor of the hotel. Health clubs fully equipped fitness studio and revolutionary gymnasiums are designed to international standard and our team of highly qualified fitness professional is the best in their fields.

7. Authority boardroom

It will situated on 1st floor of hotel. With stunning panoramas and all the very latest technology, a truly world class setting for high level meetings, functions and private celebrations. It is also appropriate for lunch, dinner and conference or break out room .

8. Reception of the hotel

A perfect meeting area befitting the splendor of Hotel S.M. is located on ground floor.

9. Restaurant

Every big project odiously need restaurant. Because people need to fresh and be well in any resort. There will be three restaurants just outside the hotel. These are decorated with modern furniture and colorful light. Food arrangement will be nutritious and delicious.

10. Swimming pool

The resort will offer an indoor swimming pool. It will situated on the top floor of the hotel .


In the Rangpur cities communication is very good. The resort side is away Dhaka 314kms. 450kms from Chittagong . 150kms from Bogra , 220kms from Rajshahi . In Dhaka city we came and go by bus. And other big cities journey by bus and train. Lastly I said that it is one of the best places to journey by any other cities. I like this resort.


1. land(75 acre) $ 25 million
2. Planning $ 0.5 million
3. Hotel $ 50 million
4. Bar $ 0.5 million
5. Café & fast food $ 0.5 million
6. Communication system $ 5 million
7. Conference room $ 1 million
8. Electricity generation plant $ 5 million
9. Water supply system $ 2 million
10. Shopping center $ 0.75 million
11 Swimming pool $ 1 million
12 Health club & gym $ 1 million
13 Bus & mini bus service $ 2 million
14 Machinery & equipment $ 5 million
15 Furniture and fixtures $ 2 million
16 Computers network & relevant accessories $ 1 million
17 Govt. taxes authority $ 0.5 million
18 Publicity and advertisement $ 1 million
19 Training & recruitment $0.75 million
20 Mosque $ 0.5 million
21 Park $0.5 million
22 Shopping mall $ 5 million
23 Hospital $ 2 million
24 Golf court $ 2 million
25 Other costs $10 million
Total…………………………………….. $ 125 million


We like to open it on after 2 years just before winter season. Cause that time would be most optimistic time for my target people.


1) Sight seeing:

Rangpur is a treasure trove. It is an endless surprise city sight seeing. Bird watching, museums, gold soak, art galleries etc.

2) Medical Service:

There will be a 24 hour medical center with primary medical facilities and a traveling medical team at this resort.

3) Security:

At hotel Saint Martin we will take great care and handle on a secure server encrypts information provide so as to protect against unauthorized use.

4) Golf Court:

There will be a outdoor golf court located beside the hotel.

5) Others:

There are so many facilities all around this resort such as Mosque, Bank, Park, Shopping Mall etc.



The Holiday Bitch Resort is magnificent holiday resort. The Beach Resort is unequalled for the warm and personalized service in harmony with Bangladeshi country and the profile of Holiday Beach Resort.