Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Software Products in Bangladesh: A case on Infinity Solutions Ltd

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Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Software Products in Bangladesh:

A case on Infinity Solutions Ltd.

1.1 Introduction

Software Marketing is a subspecialty of marketing. It can be defined as a process by which market for software is actualized. The emphasis in Software Marketing is on make the organization digitalized, and not just on making profit. So, software marketing is not synonymous with, but is significantly broader than, the marketing of software companies.

2.1.1 History

The software marketing has no longer history. The sale of miracle cures, many with little real potency, has always been common. Mass marketing of software product was rare until recently, however. It was long believed that since management of business made the selection of software, mass marketing was a waste of resources; specific ads targeting the decision Makers were thought to be cheaper and just as effective. This would involve ads in professional journals and visits by sales staff to High officials offices and Business Organization. An important part of these efforts was marketing to Information Technology students.

2.1.2 Direct and indirect marketing to Software Companies

Business People are perhaps the most important players in software sales. Influencing the Business people is the key to software sales. Historically, a large software sales force did this. A medium-sized software company might have a sales force of 10 recitatives. The largest companies have 5000 sales representatives around the world if it is a multinational software company. Sales representatives called upon High officials regularly, providing information and free software installation. Most of the times software company provide software features through internet and also provide huge number of software in web and allow to download those software from web for dummy use for few days. This is still the approach today; however, economic pressures on the industry are causing software companies to rethink the traditional sales process.

Software companies are developing processes to influence the people who influence the mainly business people some time high officials of the private and public organization. There are – several channels by which customers may be influenced, including self influence through research, peer influence, direct interaction with software companies, web search, and public or private insurance companies.

2.1.3Direct contact with software sales representatives

Currently, there are approximately 15 software sales representative in Bangladesh pursuing and communicating with the high officials and mainly business people. A software sales representative will often try to see a given target customer every few weeks. Representatives often have a call list of about 200 target customer with 120 targets that should be visited in 4-6 week cycles. Because of the large size of the software sales force, the organization, management, and measurement of effectiveness of the sales force are significant business challenges. Management tasks are usually broken down into the areas of target targeting, sales force size and structure, sales force optimization, call planning, and sales forces effectiveness.

2.1.4 Customer Targeting

Marketers attempt to identify the universe of business people and high officials most likely to introduce a given product. The target customers are then “decaled” into ten groups based on their criteria. Higher deciles are more aggressively targeted. Some software companies use additional information such as:

• Profitability of software (script),

• Accessibility of the target customer,

• Tendency of the target customer to use the software company’s software,

• Effect of managed care formularies on the ability of the high officials to introduce a product,

•The adoption sequence of the high officials (that is, how readily the officials adopts new software in place of older, established treatments), and

•The tendency of the officials to use a wide palette of software

• Influence that Officials/Business people have on their colleagues or friends.

Data for product introduce in a business organization are not usually available at the official level. Advanced analytic techniques are used to value High officials in office setting.

2.1.5 Sales force size and structure

Marketers must decide on the appropriate size of a sales force needed to sell a particular portfolio of software to the target universe. Design the optimal reach (how many customers to see) and frequency (how often to see them) for each individual

target customer. Decide how many sales representatives to devote to office and group practice and how many to devote to target office accounts.

2.2 Product Promotion

Promotion is one of the four Ps of marketing—price, product, place, and promotion. Promotion is generally thought of as a sequence of activities designed to inform and convince individuals to purchase a product, subscribe to a belief, or support a cause. All of the various tools available to marketing managers for promotional activities constitute what is known as the promotional mix.

2.3 Promotional Mix

Marketing managers use different components of the promotional mix as tools for achieving company objectives—advertising, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotion. Each of these elements can be further divided into additional subcomponents or strategies. The majority of a company’s promotional resources are usually spent on these four elements for a simple reason: Companies perceive these methods as the most effective means to promote their products. Other specialized promotional techniques, however, are also used to enhance promotional objectives.

2.3.1 Advertising

Advertising is often thought of as the paid, nonpersonal communication used in the promotion of a cause, idea, product, or service by an identified sponsor. The various advertising delivery methods include banners at sporting events, billboards, Internet Web sites, logos on clothing, magazines, newspapers, radio spots, and television commercials. Among the common forms of advertising are advocacy, comparative, cooperative, informational, institutional, persuasive, product, reminder, point-of-purchase, and specialty.

2.3.2 Personal Selling

Personal selling is considered one of the most effective promotional techniques because it facilitates interaction between consumer and seller. With personal selling, a salesperson can listen, to and determine a consumer’s needs by asking questions and receiving feedback from the consumer. Furthermore, personal selling activities can generate long-lasting friendships between consumers and sellers that typically generate many repeat purchases. Personal selling can also occur by means of interactive computers, telephone conferences, and interactive videoconferencing. A drawback of personal selling, however, is its high cost.

2.3.3 Public Relations

Public relations has been de scribed as building goodwill with a company’s various publics, including consumers, employees, government officials, stockholders, and suppliers. The overall goal of any public relations effort is to project a positive company image when dealing with such issues as community and government relations. Employment practices and environment issues.

2.3.4 Sales Promotion

Sales promotions are marketing practices designed to facilitate the purchase of a product that do not include advertising, personal selling, or public relations. Companies use sales promotion for a variety of reasons:

(1) To attract new product users who will hopefully turn into loyal consumers who keep buying the product;

(2) To reward existing consumers with a price reduction, thereby maintaining their loyalty;

(3) To encourage repeat sales from occasional consumers

2.4 Promotional Objectives

There are a number of promotional objectives, some of the most common being information dissemination, product demand, product differentiation, product highlights, and sales stabilization. Regardless of the promotional objective selected, the company’s goal is to inform and convince consumers to buy the product.

2.4.1 Information Dissemination

One of the most basic desires of a company is to provide information about a product to potential consumers. Tools available to an organization for informing potential consumers about a product include billboards, flyers, Internet Web sites, magazines, newspapers, radio spots, and television commercials. Normally a variety of these promotional tools are used to communicate a single, coordinated message to potential consumers. These different promotional tools can provide potential consumers with an array of information about a product, such as features, quality, and/or price. The informational focus depends on the makeup of the target audience that the company is trying to reach with its message.

2.4.2 Product Demand

Another organizational goal of promotional activities is to create product demand. A company has several promotional options for fostering product demand. For example, a company may focus on using a primary demand strategy that concentrates on trying to increase demand for a general product or service line. Large companies or cooperatives that have well-known and large product lines normally use the primary demand strategy. Advertisements for these companies carry over to all product categories and, as a result, may improve sales in several product areas. Companies also use another marketing strategy, known as selective demand, which concentrates on promoting a specific brand within a company’s product line. Selective demand is often used to help promote a new product so that consumers are aware of the new addition to a large company’s product line. A company may also utilize a selective demand strategy when it wants to sell a product that has a high profit margin.

2.4.3 Product Differentiation

A common challenge faced by companies is increased competition, which often results in the market being flooded with similar products. Consumers may conclude that no substantial difference exists between the products (homogeneous demand) and, therefore, look for the lowest-priced product to purchase.

2.4.4 Product Highlights

Companies have another tool to employ in order to justify a higher-priced product: A firm can accentuate the product’s exceptional quality in detail to convince consumers that the extra cost is worthwhile. Highlighting a product’s quality might sound easy, but a company must first develop superior advertisements to promote the product. Moreover, the firm must develop a reputation for making a superior product that is well known to the average consumer.

2.4.5 Sales Stabilization

A challenge that companies face is inconsistent demand for their products throughout the year. Reasons for this fluctuation can range from seasonal demand to changing economic conditions. Most companies would rather have a consistent demand for their products throughout the year, since this would allow them to have steady production and distribution facility operations.

2.5 Parties who are involved in the Software Marketing

1. Private/Public Organization

2. Showroom One stop Shopping mall

3. Third party insurance companies

4. Many other organizations or individuals

5.Software Companies

2.6 Factor affecting Software Marketing

In modern times many forces strongly affect the behavior of the software Industry.

2.6.1 The Government

Govt. regulates this industry through:

i. Industrial Policy

ii. Usability Policy (e.g. every merchandising company have to use ECR)

iii. Tax/VAT is flexible.

2.6.2 The Technology

Rapid technological development worldwide and availability of these in Bangladesh help flourishing this industry rapidly here.

2.6.3 The Status of the Country

Bangladeshi socioeconomic, hygienic and industrialization conditions are fast changing. Our country however requires concentration on Software not to piracy, Use of software mandatory for all cash transaction organization, all service organization need to be computerized etc.

2.8 Levels of Software Marketing System

Software Marketing Management System

Software Organizational System

Software Marketing System

General Marketing System

Chapter Three: Software Industry in Bangladesh

3.1 Background

In Bangladesh Software sector is one of the most developed hi tech sector, which is contributing in the country’s economy. After the promulgation of software Ordinance – 1996, the development of this sector accelerated. The professional knowledge, thoughts and innovative ideas of the software specialist working in this sector are the key factors for this development. Due to recent development of this sector, we are exporting software to global market including European market through outsourcing. This sector is also providing 95% of the total software requirement of the local market. Leading Software Companies are expanding their business with the aim to expand export market. Recently few new industries have been established with hi technology and professionals which will enhance the strength of this sector. Software sector of Bangladesh, now growing at an average rate of 12-13%.There are nearly 360 active software manufacturers.

3.2 History and IT in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), this association of software companies of the country was instituted in 1997, since then BASIS playing a pivotal role in shaping up the industry. Association’s member include large, medium, small, national and foreign companies who together are responsible for developing 96% of the country’s software production. This indeed proves the success of BASIS as a responsible and acceptable body. Technological fineness has always been the highlight of the software industry.

n According to a recent research done by the San Antonio-based research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan Inc., the call center outsourcing market reached $19.5 billion in revenues in 2005 and is likely to reach $20.1 billion in the course of 2012.

n Bangladesh’s software industry will become a $500 million export earning sector by 2013- 2014 fiscal year (July 2013-June 2014) if the current trend of robust growth continues

n Bangladesh fetched over $14 million from export of software in the first five months of the current 2008-09 fiscal year. The country set $30 million of software export target for the current fiscal year after the sector earned $24 million in 2007-08 fiscal year, which was only $2.24 million in 2000-01 fiscal year.

n Sector insiders said the country’s new government’s dream to make digital Bangladesh by 2021 will also help local software industry to grow as it is expected to provide more budgetary supports like tax and duty cut to woo more investment in the IT sector.

n Bangladesh’s approximately Taka 20 billion (about $285.71 million) software industry currently employs nearly 20,000 skilled and semi-skilled professionals. Leading software exporters said although a majority of the companies are exporting software services to North America, recently there has been encouraging performance by a good number of firms in European and East Asian markets, mainly Japan.

About Infinity Solutions

Being the 3rd largest pharmaceutical group in the world and a leading pharmaceutical group in France and Europe, sanofi-aventis is committed to our customers, our employees and even more importantly, to the people who rely daily on our medicines. We plan to move forward with greater vigour and a clearer vision to put each and every individual at the heart of our commitment,

Working towards what really matters – health

Infinity Solutions is the number 1 software company in Bangladesh in Banking Software sector. We the Infinity Solutions cover maximum Bank(6 Bank) over 950 branches in all over the country. Infinity Solutions is committed to our customers, our employees.


Infinity was established in 1993 by some nationally and internationally highly proficient young professionals with an aim of providing internationally standard ICT services (ICT and Business Education, Hardware and Network Solutions, Application Software Development, Web Development, Document Processing, Out Sourcing). To enhance the efficient IT personnel we have made our way to INFINITY & MCICT.


Mission of INFINITY is to fabricate outstanding hand in the field of ICT which is a must to form the path of development of a country. We wish to provide not only academically perfect but also morally and ethically firmed hands.


Our vision is to accelerate the IT progress in Bangladesh with innovative, rational, and industrial faculty members, professional ICT personnel who are determined to prove INFINITY as the midpoint of all progress of ICT sector in Bangladesh.


  • To fabricate firmed & competent Professionals that fulfils the requirements of ICT industry in the global market.
  • To foster and produce outstanding Professionals of high competence with innovative thoughts and passions for lifelong learning to fabricate firmed & competent Professionals that fulfil the requirements of ICT industry in the global market.
  • To provide and sustain staff development programs that produce high quality and competitive professionals
  • To foster professional & research collaboration with other research institutions and industries.
  • To be constantly offering and guided our trainees by our latest industry demandable courses with ethical directives, moral responsibility and corporate duty.
  • To provide the most exciting and user centric professional experience for the trainees.


  • Excellence – setting and achieving high standards of Professional ICT Solutions and Training
  • Integrity – displaying and practice the highest ethical and professional standards
  • Honesty – using truthful communications and trustworthy actions.
  • Commitment – engaging willingly and completely in the fulfillment of our mission.
  • Respect – showing courtesy and understanding for all with whom we interact.
  • Collaboration – maximizing relationships so collective efforts surpass those of the individual.
  • Stewardship – prudent use of human and financial resource
Infinity has two units for providing training which are located at a beautiful picturesque premise at 151/6 (3rd Floor) Green Road, Dhaka-1205 and 44/K Indira Road, Dhaka-1215. Behind Shamorita Hospital.

Sister Concern of INFINITY:

We divided our strategy into three parts to achieve our mission and vision.

First: INFINITY Solutions International, is working to build up modern curriculum , teaching methodology , market survey and consultancy for trouble shooting in different arena of ICT industry (i.e.: Professional ICT and Business Education, Hardware Solutions, Network Solutions, Application Software Development, Web Development, Out Sourcing, Document Processing etc… ).

Second: Modern College of ICT (MCICT), Affiliated under Bangladesh Technical Education Board, and provide 4 years Diploma in Engineering

Third: INFINITY Institute of Business and Technology, Provide Professional ICT and Business Training, under world renowned Vendor’s approval, authorized / customized curriculum, Like: ICDL, Microsoft, Oracle, CISCO, SUN Micro Systems, RMC Project Management, Prometric Testing, VUE etc..

Parent Organization: INFINITY Technology International Ltd. Largest Banking Software Development Company of the Bangladesh, Partnership with IBM, Oracle’s OPN Member, UKAS, EPSON, ISO Quality Assured Firm Certified 9001

Testing Service:

INFINITY, equipped with all the technical and logistics support for online exams for IT professionals, has been the authorized Prometric Testing Centre, ETS iBT TOEFL, ICDL and VUE Testing Centre. These world renowned testing service companies are the pioneer of online Testing that enables the students to become Certified IT professionals accepted worldwide. These online testing are a leading worldwide provider of comprehensive technology-based testing and assessment services. The system provides a complete technology-based testing service solution to sponsors and administrators of large-volume tests. Its services include test preparation, test results processing, consulting and marketing. INFINITY provides testing services for all vendor’s (like: MICROSOFT, CISCO, ORACLE, IBM, SUN MICROSYTEMS, PMI, D-LINK, APPLE, SAP, TOEFL etc…) to the technology certification and to professional licensing and certification.

INFINITY’S Method and Medium Instruction:

The institute follows modern teaching methods including interactive Internet simulation, lab work, case analysis and field study. A special feature of Infinity’s teaching is home assignment, tutorial, lab sessions designed to assist student in learning application of concepts and theories. The medium of instruction in INFINITY is generally English but for better understanding and through grasp of the subject, sometimes lectures are delivered in Bengali.

Counseling Cell of Infinity:

Each student is required to sit with his/her counselor once in a month in-general for each subject to discuss and review his/her development, progress, deficiency and after mutual discussion follow-up action for its remedial measures.

Financial Aids of INFINITY:

INFINITY and MCICT is fully aware of the socio-economic condition of the vast population of Bangladesh. There are many meritorious students of Bangladesh but for their financial stringencies they abandon the idea of pursuing higher studies forever. Infinity offers the following concessions to such students:

§ Full free studentship to those who are in merit list of SSC/HSC/Graduate / Post Graduate Level.

§ Stipend to those students who are poor but very brilliant.

§ Installment payment system.

Opportunities for internship:

The main stream of the organization i.e. INFINITY and ISI has its own in-house software development section. Most of the students after passing out from INFINITY are provided internship for practical experience in developing software and some of them are deployed in this software in-house as software developers after having their successful training from INFINITY. The students of INFINITY have played and are now still playing a very vital role in the development of software in its in-house training section. The software so far developed and successfully running in various organizations are as under:

: Infinity Banking Solution (IBS) is an Integrated Banking Software, is in use under LAN and WAN environment. The Banking Software is being used by Agrani, Janata, Uttara, and Karma Shangsthan Banks, and in their more than 625 hundred branches in and outside of Dhaka for their various banking operations.

: Infinity AccPro and Inventory & Payroll System Software Developed for Group of Manufacturing and Trading Companies. These software are being used by Zuki Bangladwesh, Purbani Fabrics, Karim Textiles, Swiss Tex Limited, Impact Foundation, Asia Optics, INFINITY etc.

: Educational Institute Management System, software for managing library, students and teachers’ records, schedules, accounting systems of school and university. This software is being used by Udayan School, IIT etc.

Job Placement at INFINITY:
INFINITY always remains in touch with the industries and other organizations where job opportunities exist. After the completion of the courses, Infinity endeavors to place the students for future career. Besides, Infinity employs many of the successful students/trainees in its own Software, Hardware, Education and many other wings on the basis of their eligibility and merit.

In the forthcoming sections, a brief on our similar work track record, profession and technical back-up will clearly demonstrate our capabilities to provide the mentioned training services including the training on Software Development, Database Management, PC Maintenance and Trouble Shooting through our IT experts.

Similar Work Track Record of the Institute and Resources

As an IT service provider and training institute in Bangladesh, INFINITY has a long track of record of providing services of similar nature to the various Ministries such as Education, Health, Industry, Family Planning etc., Banks, NGOs, and other organizations. The Chief Executive Officer Md. Mushfiqur Rahman of INFINITY and ISI who is in-charge of the management of such training is a renowned Faculty and professional in ICT sector. We are confident of our ability & capacity and we are in a better position to impart various types of computer training provided we are given the opportunity to do so.

Areas of Training Expertise:

Besides 4-year Diploma in Engineering (Computer Technology and Data Telecommunication and Network), 2 years HSC-Business Management (Computer Operation & Secretarial Science), National Capability Standard Basic–Computer of six months duration, and Basic Trade Course–Computer Operation of different duration, under Bangladesh Technical Education Board, INFINITY and ISI itself also offers the under mentioned courses and awards certificates to the successful candidates.

: Advanced training on Linux Systems Administration and ISP setup

: Data Base Design and Administration

: Diploma in Software Engineering

: Diploma in Hardware and Network Engineering

: Diploma in Dynamic Web Page Designing

: Diploma in Graphics and Multimedia designing

: Diploma Database Programming and Administration

: Fundamentals of Computer and Operating System

: MS-Office’ 97/ 2000 as application packages (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point etc.)

: C and C++ Programming, Visual Basic Programming, MS-AccessProgramming

: SQL Server and ORACLE Programming with Developer 2000

: Network Operation, Administration using Windows 2000/03 and LINUX

: Internet Operation, HTML and JAVA Language

: Multimedia Programming, Web Page Design and Development

: AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Draw, Quark Express, etc.

: Basic Statistics and SPSS for Windows, AccPac, (Accounting Package)

: PC Assembling, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

Logistics Support:

INFINITY and ISI provides the following logistics and manpower facilities for smooth functioning of the activities:

Unit # 1
: Number of teachers : 12
: Number of admin. and Technical & other staff : 05
: Total space

: Number of Labs

: 3000 sqft (Approximately)

: 3 Labs

: Computer (Total) : 65 under LAN with necessary accessories
§ In Classrooms & Computer Lab. : 54
§ In Office Admin. and Record Room : 03
§ In Information Desk : 01
§ For Teachers’ use : 04
: Server : 02
: Printer : 03
: IPS : 03
: Generator : 02
: Computer Lab (Software) : 03 (Fully air-conditioned)
: Computer Lab (Hardware) : 02 (Fully air-conditioned)
: Multimedia Projector : 04
: Library : 01
: No. of Books and Journals : 750
: Office Room : 03
: Teachers’ Room : 01
: Store Room : 01
: Toilet : 03 (Male 02 and Female 01)
: Open Places : 700 sqft
: No. of Table Chair (for students) : 60

Unit # 2

: Number of teachers : 05
: Number of admin. and Technical & other staff : 03
: Total space

: Number of Labs

: 3500 sqft (Approximately)

: 2 Labs

: Computer (Total) : 30 under LAN with necessary accessories
§ In Classrooms & Computer Lab. : 25
§ In Office Admin. and Record Room : 02
§ In Information Desk : 01
§ For Teachers’ use : 02
: Server : 01
: Printer : 02
: IPS : 03
: Generator : 01
: Computer Lab (Software) : 02 (Fully air-conditioned)
: Computer Lab (Hardware) : 01 (Fully air-conditioned)
: Multimedia Projector : 02
: Library : 01
: No. of Books and Journals : 600
: Office Room : 02
: Teachers’ Room : 01
: Store Room : 01
: Toilet : 02 (Male 01 and Female 01)
: Open Places : 1000 sqft
: No. of Table Chair (for students) : 50

Besides above, many other necessary furniture, office equipment and lab material of Physics, Microprocessor Kit, Chemistry, and Electrical & Electronics are available in the institute.

INFINITY and ISI’s Specialities:

: One-man one computer under a network environment.

: Lab & classrooms are fully air-conditioned and with modern furniture and Multimedia Projector.

: Developed course materials are supplied to each trainee.

: Besides the class teachers, technical assistants are available to guide and assist the trainees.

: A special English Language course for Bengali medium students to make them competent enough to speak, understand and as well as to write well everywhere.

: Well-reputed qualified teachers from various Universities, Polytechnic Institutes, full time and part time (as per requirements) are engaged in teaching at Infinity.

: Courses are designed for job oriented teaching in adequate environment.

: Multimedia and Internet facilities.

: Student counseling is for orientation, academic advisement, and career planning and job placement.

: Brilliant students are awarded scholarships.

: Industrial attachments are there for practical experience.

: 4-year diploma certificate will be awarded by Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), Govt. of People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

: Opportunities for students to prosecute further studies in Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET) after completion of BTEB’s Diploma.

Professional and Technical Backup of INFINITY:

The local consultants on Software Development and IT are associated with INFINITY and ISI for long time and have been providing inputs to various projects and in-house activities of INFINITY and ISI as consultants on Software Development and training to the participants. Some of the activities include Software Development, Teaching and Data Analysis.

A counseling cell is also associated with INFINITY and ISI, consisting of 4 resource persons of various disciplines who provide guidance to each participant on a fixed schedule. These resource persons are highly technically sound and have practical business experience.

Board of Management of INFINITY and ISI provides all the managerial and logistic supports to these consultants in carrying out their duties with expectation to deliver the desired services to the INFINITY and ISI’s beneficiaries.

Trainers approach to the trainees:

The outline of the courses to be taught in the training period have already been designed with a view to impart training and skill in such a way that the trainees could derive the skill & knowledge to perform those works independently as desired by the trainees. The methodologies to be adopted are indicated in details in the structure and approach of the training program.

Teaching Methodology:

The trainers strictly remember the following while delivering lectures in classes that they should:

1. keep eye to eye contact with each trainee

2. endeavor to know how far the lectures are acceptable to them

3. try to remove deficiency of the trainees if noticed

4. assign the homework to each trainee and examine the scripts and show to them pointing out their short comings or inclusion of important points left over

5. observes that the lectures are easily understandable and meaningful

6. after completion the course a project must develop by trainees under supervision of respective faculty member which should present in front of professionals as a demo

Duration of class:

There are three classes in a week each of 2 hours duration normally. But it may be changed on mutual discussion.

Break-up of class duration (2 hours)

a) 10 minutes for review of just previous lecture/ introduction

b) 15 minutes for lecturing (Part-1)

c) 30 minutes for laboratory works (Part-1)

d) 10 minutes for refreshment

e) 15 minutes for lecturing (Part-2)

f) 30 minutes for laboratory works (Part-2)

g) 10 minutes for discussion on the taught topics

*** Subject to change on mutual discussion (if any)

Learning Activities:

Learning Activities to be followed by each teacher for respective courses are as follows:

1. Class lecture, Quiz test, Tutorial test

2. Report and Project

3. Library research

4. Problem solving

5. Written and verbal discussion with assigned teacher

Assessment criteria and Evaluation of the training program

Examination out of 100 marks will be held at the end of the program and criteria as under:

a) Quiz – 10% of total marks

b) Assignment – 10% of total marks for group &

10% of total marks for individual

c) Mid-term – 30% of total marks (Theory and Lab)

d) Final Examination – 40% of total marks (Theory and Lab)

Nature of question papers

Mid-term Final
a) Objective type of question 20% 10%
b) Descriptive type of question 10% 05%
c) Practical demonstration by the trainees 10% 10%
d) Lab works as real life relating to trainees’ career 60% 75%

A project assignment related to work of their future professional career will be assigned to a small group consisting of 5 trainees in each group. Satisfactory performance of the assigned project will determine the capability of the participants groups in carrying out the work independently as well as group.

And also the performances in the quiz tests, mid-term exam and final examination including assignment will enable the fact finder to assess the capabilities developed of individual trainees.

Evaluation of Facilities:

A format has been developed by INFINITY and ISI to evaluate the performances of the class teachers and the institute. The evaluation sheets are usually distributed twice during training program amongst the trainees to ventilate their opinions/ reactions regarding the mode of teaching, the quantum of benefit they are going to derive and have derived so far. The evaluation is carried out secretly by the Coordinator so that the teachers concerned do not know any thing about these activities. The sheets filled up by the trainees are examined thoroughly by INFINITY and ISI authority and action deemed fit in the prevailing circumstances for further improvement of the academic standard and quality of teaching are taken. Then the teachers engaged are instructed to change their mode of teaching so that the trainees could derive maximum benefit out of the program.

Training Materials and Necessary Educational Materials:
Developed training manuals and necessary educational materials such as Writing pad, Course Materials, Pen, and Bag etc. are delivered to the trainees just in the beginning of the courses.

It is gratifying to inform that several manuals for different courses have been developed by our own skilled and experienced professionals.

It may be mentioned that those manuals are being followed by the trainees of Directorate of Primary Education (DPE), Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MOPME), Compulsory Primary Education Implementation and Monitoring Unit (CPEIMU), Planning Commission under the auspices of the ESTEEM Project located at DPE, Mirpur, Dhaka, and other organizations including our own regular students.

Corporate Training:

We are the Innovative Solutions Company and simplify the solutions for our valued clients to meet their business requirements in an efficient way, by providing world class Training and ICT Solutions for different industries.

Industry & Business oriented Professional training can improve the performance and productivity of employees and ensure they have the skills that a particular business needs. Effective training is important when you hire new recruits, change business practices or add new products. As business grows, the skills needed for it to remain successful may change.

Since 1993, we are serving and look after our corporate clients business needs, providing full administrative and technical supports to make sure their training requirements run smoothly. Our dedicated training service enables you to ensure that your employees achieve skills and knowledge which they require when they discharge their duties at their working place.

We offer corporate training for our valued clients on all areas of IT Training and provide customization of the course as per their business requirements keep in mind.

We have five (5) world class, industry standard and comfortable ICT Labs.

All trainings are provided according to corporate client’s comfort and desire.

We also appreciate and would like to arrange off site training, if any client wishes to get the service on their premises or anywhere.

Our valued Educational clients:

IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project’s Authority

Ministries and Directorates:

Ministry of Primary & Mass Education (MOPME), Ministry of Industry, Ministry of LGED, Compulsory Primary Education Implementation and Monitoring Unit (CPEIMU), Ministry of Health, DPE & PMED under ESTEEM, Directorate of Primary Education, Directorate Family Planning, Ministry of Youth & Sports.

Development Organizations:

UNICEF, DFID, Family Planning Association, Rhone–Poulenc, Meghna Estaury Studey, GTZ .

Financial Institutions (Banking & Non Banking):

Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Sonali Bank, Janata Bank, Agrani Bank, Al-Baraka Bank, Janata Insurance, Sonali Bank, Rupali Bank, Pubali Bank.

NGOs: Shapla Neer, CARE Bangladesh

Colleges and Universities (Public and Private) also attended different professional training to build skills for their employees and students

Our Software products:

Short Description on some of our Developed/on going Software

1. Advance Accounting System (For total Accounting solution from basic transaction to Balance Sheet and Different Financial Statements).

2. Apartment Sales System (An integrated system for Account inventory of Apartment sales Management).

3. Cab & Transportation System (Total solution of Transaction between CAR & Passengers with integrated Inventory & Payroll System)

4. Children Education (Multimedia Software for children. Children can gather primary knowledge about Several General Knowledge )

5. Computer Shop Managing System (for maintaining the transaction of account & Store of a Computer Sales & Servicing Shop with Replacement Management System.)

6. Feed Mill Managing System (for maintaining the transaction of account and Store & other System Management)

7. Fisheries/Hatchery Project Management System (Complete Software on Products of Fisheries and Sales of Various Fisheries Products)

8. Garments Management System (for maintaining the transaction of account & Store of a Garments Manufacturing & Exporting Company from Order from buyer to Shipment with cost analysis. Itcovers all the aspects of garments industry, It is a software which automates and integrates garments industries to reduce production costs and improve time to shipment. It integrates business functions and processes, shares common data and provides database support for Business Intelligence analysis. Garments Management System is aimed at reducing wastage, erroneous work and redundancy, improving process accuracy and efficiency, global accessibility to business processes and MIS reports for management and integration of functional groups on a platform.

9. Hospital Management System (all transaction between Hospital & Patient from Reception & admission to discharge with integrated Laboratory Management, Pharmacy Management, Doctors Chamber, Accounts, General & Bed/Cabin Store Management and Payroll System.

10.Hotel Management System (Reservation related transaction of a hotel with general store & account system)

11.Inventory Control System (maintaining un-integrated transaction of store in a trading or manufacturing)

12.Laboratory Management System (for maintaining the patient specimen, checkup & reports and doctors ledger)

13.Micro Credit Project Management System (for maintaining all the information of the members and Status of Credit for Micro Credit Projects of N.G.O.)

14.Payroll Control System (All type of information of various type of Staff, General Employee & Contracted or Daily based Employee).

15.Pharmaceuticals Production System (for maintaining the transaction of account & Store of Raw & Finished Pharmaceuticals Products with the production of Pharmaceuticals Containers)

16.Restaurant Management System (for maintaining the transaction in a restaurant with consumers and supplier along with Accounting System)

17.Reservation (Transport) Management System (Digital Reservation System for Airlines/Train/Bus Transportation with Accounting System for different Transportation & Travel Agencies)

18.School Management System (for Students all types of information from admission to final result with their financial transaction between school authority, )

19.Super Store Management System (for transaction in super store with integrated store and Account)

20.Telephone Billing Control System (it works with the PABX and maintain the using information of Telephone and makes auto report individual User.

21.Tenant & Land Lord System (Transaction between Land Lord and Tenant with related reports)

22.Textile Management System (for maintaining the transaction of Account, Store and Payroll of a Textile Manufacturing & Exporting Company, or a Textile Processing Company with cost analysis.

23.University Management System (for Students all types of information from admission to final result with their financial transaction between University authority, )

Our valued clients:

1 Jahanara Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

2 JCP International Pvt. Ltd

3 Business Training Center (Destiny 2000)

4 PXN Multi Level Marketing & Herbal

5 PXN Shopping Mall

6 Biawas Feed Mill

7 Dortana Hospital

8 Jahanara Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

9 JCP International Pvt. Ltd.

10 Al-Amanah Co-operative Society

11 Resource Co-operative Society

12 N.R Sons (C&F)

13 ANS Linkers

14 Myrtle Archive

15 Village Development Committee (NGO)

16 RANL Group of Companies

17 Shan Group of Companies

18 Baghdad Group of Companies Ltd.

19 Mina Fisheries

20 Bunon Builders Group


According to recent survey, we got the findings from primary data-

Ø Target those customers who are most potential.

Ø Always promote right products to the right targeted customers.

Ø The get-up of products should be always attractive.

Ø Strong relation build up with the targeted customers like business people, High public/private officials.

From secondary data, we found-

Ø Scientific seminar should be arranged with targeted customers.

Ø Promotional activities should be conducted extensively with the targeted customers.

Ø Special gift for the product should be given periodically to the potential targeted customers.

Ø For a new product, a group of well trained personnel should be recruited.

Ø Always monitoring the targeted customers.


· Business People and Public/Private high officials play an important role in software business. So they are our main targeting customer.

· The targeting customer will segmented into different groups.

· Positioning right products to the right customers.

· Always showing respect to another important customer like Chemist.

• A separate group of well-trained FPs for specialized products should be recruited for specific target customer to ensure frequent and effective visit.

•Gift items on new product should be given periodically for target customers.

• Scientific seminar should be arranged in national conference hall / IT Park based town so that more target customers can participate in product discussion.

• Before launching new product or presentation, opinion and suggestion should be taken from expert panel of specialized customer/consultant as the main competitors’ company follows the same procedure.

· Communication channel should be increased between the sales force and targeting customer.

· Sales force should be more aligned with the strategy developed by the Product Management Department (PMD)

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