State Acquisition and Tenancy (Amendment) Ordinance, 1956


Acquisition and Tenancy (Amendment) Ordinance, 1956


Ordinance III of 1956—validity of, cannot be attacked unless
specific case of injury is made out.

Jibendra K Acharya Chowdhury Vs. Prov. of East Pak. (1956) 8 DLR


R. 218—Settlement of khas land—Settlement made to different persons with
regard to different parcels of land are separate settlements—Fact that the
Revenue Officer, for the convenience of getting permission, made one reference
(of all the settlements) to the Collector will not make them one settlement.

Abdul Majid Vs. Province of East Pakistan (1971) 23 DLR 203.

—Under the
State Acquisition and Tenancy Act the Commissioner has no general appellate or
general supervisory power regarding settlement of khas lands made by the
Collector—Therefore order of cancellation of settlement by the Commissioner is
without jurisdiction. Ibid.