Surplus Public Servants Absorption Ordinance, 1985


Public Servants Absorption Ordinance, 1985

Sections 2(e), 4 & 5(2)—

Abolition of
the post in the BCS (Trade) Cadre were made and the petitioner and others were
declared surplus· with the concurrence of the Prime Minister. As soon as the
Prime Minister, the head of the Government, has approved the proposal of the
one Ministry the other Ministries or Departments will be bound to obey it.

Rahman (Md) vs Bangladesh, through the Secretary, Ministry of Establishment of
the People’s Republic of Bangladesh 50 DLR 357.


Sections 2(e) & 5—

The tenure
of Temporary Taxes Appellate Tribunal Benches created only for 2 years to
dispose of pending cases quickly expired on 14-1-92. These were temporary
offices and the incumbents thereof held temporary posts for a temporary period.
The question of abolition of their respective posts does not arise. They stand
extinct owing to lapse of time.

Board of Revenue vs Nasrin Banu and 5 others 48 DLR (AD) 171.


Section 6—

The past
service can only be counted on absorption in equivalent post towards seniority.
When the petitioner appellant was absorbed in a higher post i.e. the post of
Inspector of Taxes, he is not entitled to count his past service of Upper
Division Assistant towards his seniority in the post of Inspector of Taxes.

AFB Jahan
Mia (Md) vs Chairman, National Board of Revenue and others 49 DLR (AD) 122.