Sustainable Promotional Strategies for FMCG Industry in Bangladesh: Olympic Industries Ltd

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Sustainable Promotional Strategies for FMCG Industry in Bangladesh: Olympic Industries Ltd.


Corporate Profile:

Olympic Industries Ltd.:

Registered office : Amin Court (6th Floor)

62-63 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000


Founded : June 1979

Previous Name : Bengal Carbide Limited

Renamed : 1996

Company Type : Public Limited Company

Enlisted : Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited,

Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited

Chairman : Mr.Mohammad Bhai

Managing Director : Mr. Mubarak Ali

Executive Director : Mr. Lashkar A. Hafiz

Number of Director : 05

Number of Employee : 1653

6.1 Major Product Category:

  • Biscuit
  • Dry Cell Battery
  • Boll Point Pen
  • Candy

6.2 Factory Location:

Battery & Pen Unit : Kanchpur, Narayangong.

Biscuit & Candy Unit : Madanpur, Keodhala, Narayangong and Fane.

Web :

6.3 Associated Companies:

  1. AMBEE Pharmaceutical Ltd.
  2. Quantam Electronic Ltd.
  3. Vanus International Ltd.
  4. Arafeen Trans Shipping (Pvte) Ltd.
  5. Shawmvt Corporation Private Ltd.
  6. Agamoni Traders Ltd.
  7. Bengal Steel Works Ltd.
  8. Interglobe Aviation (Bangladesh)

7. Organization Structure

Olympic Industries Ltd.


Managing Director


Executive Director




HRD Manager


National Sales


Marketing Management Department


Sales Manager Manager Operation


Assistant Sales Manager Audit Manager


Regional Sales Manager Audit Supervisor


Area Sales Manager Audit Officer


Sales Officer

8. Olympic Philosophy

8.1 Mission Statement:

To provide people with superior products and services that conforms to international standards of high order to improve the quality of life.

8.2 Principles:

Customer oriented, global standard operation, working in partnership, result oriented, motivation and team spirit, financial integrity & cost effectiveness, transparency & free flow of information, enthusiastic & creative.

8.3 Believes:

Employees are company’s most valuable asset: we win over others because we process our common values.

8.4 Vision:

Olympic for better life.

8.5 Award received:

“Ten top company” Awarded by Dhaka Stock Exchange.


9. Company information

Bengal Carbide which established in 1979 was the first name of Olympic Industries Ltd. When they produce and provide only battery. Later in 1996 the management abolished the name Bengal Carbide and has generated the new name of Olympic Industries Ltd.

Now a days, Olympic Industries Ltd. produce & provide in four principal category of FMCG business products such as Biscuit, Battery, Ball point pen and Candy.

Olympic Industries Ltd. is one of the most leading FMCG companies in Bangladesh. It discovers, develops, manufactures and markets leading perception Olympic for better life. The innovative value-added products improve the quality of people around the Bangladesh & help them enjoy longer, healthier and more productive lives.

Olympic Industries Ltd. today symbolizes a name a state of mind. But its journey to the growth and prosperity has been no bed of roses. It has today burgeoned into one of the top line conglomerates in Bangladesh. Olympic Industries Ltd. the flagship company, is holding the strong leadership position in the FMCG sector of Bangladesh and is now on its way to becoming a high performance national player.

Companies problem is the company isn’t selecting the right service design & standards, resources that are not well matched to industry key success, weak or unproven product innovation capabilities.

9.1 Present Scenario in Olympic Industries Ltd.:

An organizations strategy integrates decisions and directs them toward specific goals. Strategic questions occur at various levels in the organization. When Olympic Industries Ltd. is under my focus, we should check the followings:

Corporate Business & Financial level strategy of it. The most fundamental strategy question is at the corporate level: “What business should Olympic Industries Ltd. be in?” for HRM. A strategic approach translates into three tasks:

Assure that HR issues are considered in formulating business strategies, in what business should they compete?

Establish HR goals and plans art HR strategy to support all the three issues.

9.2 Level Strategy:

How will HR decisions help them to compete?

Work with managers to ensure implementation of the HR plans.

How do we translate policies into day to day actions?

Olympic Industries Ltd. shares the vision of being everywhere in the near future which is related to its present business. We call it related diversification. In its business level strategy, differentiation is what they focus on. Tremendous ranges of product mix and supportive field fore enable them to be the most versatile corporation in the industry. Functional decisions involve particular components of the organization, such as marketing, finance and HRM level managers formulate a strategy to help their function contribute to the achievements of corporate & unit objectives. So, for example the appropriate inventory valuation and other accounting conventions are determined by corporate and unit needs.

At the functional level these decisions are translated into practice, activity based accounting or better inventory control system. Overall they seek for any of the following or the amalgamation of these virtues: quality, innovation, efficiency and customer responsiveness. A number of typologies have been proposed to relate HR decision to specific business strategy. Such as:

9.3 Defenders:

Organization operates in a few stable product markets.

9.4 Prospectors:

Organization continually search for new products, market opportunities and regularly takes risks.

9.5 Analyzers:

Organization operates in many products market some relatively stable, other changing.

9.6 Organization Culture:

The attitudes, beliefs, values and customers of people in a society are an integral part of their culture. Naturally, their culture affects their behavior on the job and environment within the organization which influencing their reactions to work assignments, leadership styles and reward systems. Like the external & internal environments of which it is a part, culture undergoes continual change. Elements of culture in general can be:

9.7 Business Environment:

Each organization carries on certain kinds of activities, such as selling, inventing and conducting research. Its business environment is the single greatest factor in shaping its culture.

9.8 Values:

These are basic concept s and beliefs that define “success” in concrete terms for employee –e.g. “If you do this, you too will be a success.”

9.9 Heroes:

People who personify the culture’s values provide tangible role models for employees to follow. Companies with strong culture have many heroes.

9.10 Rites a Ritual:

The systematic and programmed routines of day- today life in the company (rituals) show employees the kind of behavior that is expected of them and what the companies stand for.

9.11 Cultural Network:

Through informal communication the corporate values are spread throughout the organization. When comparing all these issues of culture within Olympic Industries Ltd. we find presence of all the above mentioned terms, generally management spreads and initiate any change issues within the company through the cultural network which are usually dependent on word of mouth. They start the final execution steps when the overall corporation knows about the facts that “What’s going to happen?” It is like an unpaid publicity for the management within the corporation. Most significant rituals of them are surly the general lunchtime in the same floor for everyone in the organization. Employees of different levels have the chance to share their feelings and views to make the sense of one family. Management handles the issue of the heroes as it directly influences employees to work hard to achieve that rare distinction. Awarding “highest achievement” titles to different employees in different year encourages the mass.

In general, Olympic Industries Ltd. Shares the value that “we create, differentiate & initiate.” In addition, a concurrent value to it is “hard work removes the hurdles and brings success nearer.”

An HR manager would surely want to sustain the existing “family atmosphere” in the organization before he/she looks for any other changes. The integrated cultural trend has helped Olympic Industries Ltd. Survive in many ungainly business situations.

9.12 Current Inventory:

The high level of change and need for flexibility experienced in organizations around the world suggests that basic skills common to a wide range of jobs are important and that a solid grounding in reading, writing, analytical, communication skills are always monitored by the employers. Current inventory of skilled labor comprises of such people who have been checked and re-checked simultaneously by the recruiter in the first place. Department wise selection differs, as their needs or requirements are different.

9.13 Continued Organs:

Productivity of the existing employees is very much important. A popular buzzword in our industry today is “productivity.” Although people talk about it as through they know precisely what it mean, it is surprisingly difficult to define and measure, especially in highly diversified firms.

As example, consider Olympic Industries Ltd. where every year the products improve and the prices change, where no one is even sure what output means. Even more perplexing, how one identifies the productivity improvement associated with out sourcing? Concepts generally agree that productivity concepts, definition, and measure are arbitrary.

There relevance depends on the purpose for which they are developed, for example, comparing individual, work groups, companies or competitive positions of nations. In general, however productivity is a measure of the output of goods and services relative to the input of labor, material and equipment. The more productive an industry the better is competitive position because its unit cost is lower. When productivity increases businesses can play higher wages without boosting inflation. In Olympic Industries Ltd., management measures productivity of the marketing teams by comparing their achievement of each year. It is an easy to understand criteria, where any marketing executive who have achieved his targeted sale for a year is considered to be 100% productive. Any body performing beyond that level is considered productive and awarded financially or with benefit package.

10. Product Information

10.1 Olympic Biscuit

Olympic Industries Ltd. the flagship company is holding the strong leadership position in the biscuit sector that provide people with superior products & service that conforms to international standards of high order to improve the quality of life. The innovative value-added products improve the quality of people around the Bangladesh & help them enjoy longer and is now on its way to becoming a high performance national player.

Standard pack:

No. Brand name Launching date Product type MRP(TK.)
01 Energy Plus October, 1996 Sweetened Biscuit 12
02 Tip October, 1996 Salted Biscuit 13
03 Crack Jack April, 1998 Salted Biscuit 13
04 Pine apple cream November, 2004 Cream Biscuit 12
05 Orange Cream November, 2004 Cream Biscuit 12
06 Queen Marie April, 1997 Marie Biscuit 15
07 King April,2004 Sugar Glazed Biscuit 10
08 Milk Plus June, 2009 Sweetened Biscuit 10
09 Coconut Plus January, 2010 Sweetened Biscuit 10
10 Elachi Plus January, 2010 Sweetened Biscuit 10
11 Orange Plus January, 2010 Sweetened Biscuit 10
12 Butter Bite February, 2005 Butter Biscuit 15
13 Popular Pineapple June, 2008 Cream Biscuit 12

Economy pack:

No. Brand name Launching date Product type MRP(TK.)
01 Glucose October, 1996 Sweetened Biscuit 5
02 Magik April, 2005 Salted Biscuit 5

Tikki pack:

No. Brand name Launching date Product type MRP(TK.)
01 Olympic G Milk June, 1009 Sweetened Biscuit 2
02 Olympic G Orange September, 2004 Sweetened Biscuit 2
03 Olympic G Elachi September, 2004 Sweetened Biscuit 2
04 Queen Marie July, 2004 Marie Biscuit 2

Family pack:

No. Brand name Launching date Product type MRP(TK.)
01 Energy Plus December, 2003 Sweetened Biscuit 35
02 Tip June, 2009 Salted Biscuit 45
03 Queen Marie December, 2003 Sweetened Biscuit 35
04 Olympic G Orange January, 2004 Sweetened Biscuit 25
05 Olympic G Elachi March, 2005 Sweetened Biscuit 25
06 Marie Gold June, 2006 Marie Biscuit 25
07 Milk Marie October, 2007 Marie Biscuit 40

10.2 Olympic Candy

This is the second variant of food item of Olympic Industries Ltd. Most of the children would like to consume it. There are various types of flavor like milk, mango, orange, lemon, lichu, tamarind and guava. Mango flavor is the most popular brand in candy. Candy is sold in two types of packing mode, one of them is pouch pack and other one is jar.


No. Brand name Launching date Product type Pack category MRP(TK.)
01 Olympic Candy March, 1997 Hard boiled Candy Pouch Pack 35
02 Olympic Candy March, 1997 Hard boiled Candy Jar 200

10.3 Olympic Dry Cell Battery

Olympic Industries Ltd. also produces & provides different categories of powerful Dry Cell Battery from their opening. Which is most popular allover the Bangladesh.


No. Brand name Model/Size Type MRP(TK.)
01 Energy UM 1 (R-20) Metal Jacket Battery 20
02 Olympic Battery UM 1 (R-20) Vinyl Jacket Battery 20
03 Olympic Gold UM 1 (R-20) Metal Jacket Battery 20
04 Energy UM 3 (R-6) Metal Jacket Battery 10
05 Olympic Gold UM 3 (R-6) Metal Jacket Battery 10
06 Ledger UM 3 (R-6) Metal Jacket Battery 10
07 Digital UM 3 (R-6) Metal Jacket Battery 10

10.4 Olympic Ball Point Pen

Olympic Industries Ltd. also produces and provides various types of Ball Point Pen. There are different types of category and also ink color, such as black, blue & red. Olympic Fine is very much popular in the country.


No. Brand name Product type Color(ink) MRP (TK.)
01 Olympic Fine One time piano type ball pen Black, blue, & red 4
02 Olympic Swift One time piano type ball pen Black 4
03 Olympic Soft Gel Soft griper rubberized ball pen Black & red 5
04 Olympic Smart Gel Hard griper ball pen Black & red 5
05 Olympic Super Gel Hard griper ball pen Black & red 4
06 Olympic Crystal Clear One time piano type ball pen Black, blue, & red 4

11. Promotional Strategies of Olympic Industries Ltd.

Promotion is any form of communication used by firm to inform, persuade or remind people about its products, services that impact on society. Promotion strategy consist planning, implementing and other target audiences. The purpose of promotion in the marketing program is to achieve management’s desired communications objectives with each audience. An important marketing responsibility is planning and coordinating the integrated promotion strategy and selecting the specific strategies for the promotion components. It is important to recognize that word-of-mouth communications among buyers and the communications activities of the other organizations may influence the firm’s target audience.

Olympic Industries Ltd. does expense a big buzzed for promotional & advertising purpose every year.

11.1 The components of promotional strategy:

The components of promotional strategies are advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing, interactive/internet marketing, public relation & developing promotion strategy.

11.2 Advertising:

Advertising consists of any form of non personal communication concerning an organization, produce or idea that is paid for by a specific sponsor. The sponsor makes the payment for the communication via one or more forms of media (e.g. television, radio, magazines, newspapers etc).

Large advertising expenditures are often necessary to introduce new consumer products and build the brand equity of existing products.

Among the advantages of using advertising to communicate with buyers are the low cost per exposure, the variety of media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio, internet, direct mail and outdoor advertising), control or exposure, consistent message content and the opportunity for creative magazine design. In addition, the appeal and the message can be adjusted when communications objectives change. Cable television enables advertises to target their communications to specific buyers with more focus than is possible with the large networks.

Olympic Industries Ltd. also gives advertise in the daily newspapers, magazines, radio & television about their products to developing public awareness.

11.3 Sales Promotion:

Sales promotion consists of various promotional activities, including offers, contests, samples point of purchase displays, trade incentives and coupons. Sales promotion expenditures are substantially greater that the amount of expense advertising. This array of special communications techniques and incentives offers several advantages. Promotion can be used target buyers despond to special occasions, to create and incentive for purchase. One of the more successful ales promotion initiatives is the frequent flier incentive program.

Olympic Industries Ltd. also used sales promotion strategies.

Olympic Industries Ltd. gives bonus products for the customers.

Olympic Industries Ltd. also arranges trade show by their product displaying.

11.4 Personal Selling:

Personal selling consists of verbal communication between a sales person/ selling team and one or more prospective purchasers with the objective of making or influencing a sale. Annual expenditures on personal selling are much larger than those for advertising, perhaps twice as high. However, both promotion components share some common features including creating awareness of the product, transmitting information and persuading people to buy. Personal selling has several unique strengths. Sales people can interact with buyers to answer questions and overcome objectives, can target buyers and have the capacity to accumulate market knowledge and provide feedback. Top management may participate in selling by making calls on major customers.

Olympic Industries Ltd. used personal selling strategies.

11.5 Direct Marketing:

Direct Marketing consists of directions with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships catalog, leaflets, direct mail, telemarketing etc. The distinguishing feature of direct marketing is the opportunity for the marketer to gain direct access to the buyer. Direct marketing expenditures account for a large proportion of promotion expenditure.

Olympic Industries Ltd. used direct marketing strategies.

11.6 Interactive/Internet Marketing:

Included in this promotion component are the Internet & interactive television. Interactive media enable buyers and sellers to interact. The Internet performs an important and rapidly escalating role in promotion strategy. In addition to providing a direct sales channel, the Internet may be used to identify sales leads, conduct Web-based surveys, provides product information and display advertisements. Marketing strategies are increasingly linked to Internet initiatives. The Internet has become an important component of many communications programs.

Olympic Industries Ltd. used Interactive/Internet Marketing selling strategies.

11.7 Public Relation:

Public relations for a company and its products consist of communications placed in commercial media but not paid for directly by the sponsor. For example, a news release on a new product may be published in a trade magazine but the company does not pay for the communication. The objective of the public relations unit is to encourage relevant media to include company released information in media communications. Public relation activities can make an important contribution to promotions strategy if the activity is planned and implemented to achieve specific promotion objectives.

Olympic Industries Ltd. also used public relation strategies.

11.8 Developing Promotional Strategy:

Market targets and positioning strategy guide promotion decisions. Several decisions are involved in designing the promotional strategy:

  • Setting communications objectives.
  • Deciding on the role of each of the components that make up the promotion mix.
  • Determining the promotional budget.
  • Selecting a strategy for each mix component.

Specific strategies are determined for advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, the Internet and public relations.

11.9 Promotional objective of Olympic Industries Ltd.

  • Creating or increasing buyer’s awareness of a product of brand.
  • Influencing the buyer’s attitudes toward a company, product or brand.
  • Increasing the level of brand preference of the buyer’s in a targeted segment.
  • Achieving sales and market share increases for specific customer or prospect targets.
  • Generating repeat purchase of a brand.
  • Encouraging trial of a new product.
  • Attracting new customers.
  • Encouraging long term relationship.

12. Company Competitive Situation

According to IMS(In Market Sales) data, June 2009 the top ten FMCG companies in Bangladesh :

Company Position Market(Cor) Tk.
Unilever 1 1,280
British American Tobacco 2 1,250
City Group 3 960
Square 4 840
ACI 5 600
ACME 6 530
Bombay Sweets Ltd. 7 480
Olympic Industries Ltd. 8 360
Nabisco 9 340
Keya 10 325

12.1 Domestic Competition:

The most important characteristic of today’s business environment and therefore the yardstick against which managerial techniques must be measured is the new company.

Operating in Bangladesh, Olympic Industries Ltd. continuously measures in a qualitative manner, how the overall corporation is performing in response to the domestic competition. So far, the new competition has been from the domestic market, though there are some high scale importers also. There managements always seeking newer ways to increase the gap between the nearest competitors.

12.2 Appraising Performance:

HR managers are seeking new ways to contribute to organizational effectiveness. One such critical way HR managers are targeted is improving employee performance. Because this is the essence of gathering and using performance appraisal data, the entire performance appraisal system takes on greater importance in organization. This will continue be happen organizations as long as competition remains such as a significant part of the external environment.

12.3 Organizational Improvement:

Intense level of domestic competition is forcing organizations to be more productive. In Olympic Industries Ltd. greater involvement in workplace decisions is a growing trend. The nurture of empowering employees in job related decisions, which has made their work force one of the efficient units in the industry.

12.4 Social Commitment:

The Public Relation Division of Olympic Industries Ltd. maintains effective support with the general public by communicating the policies and schemes of the industries through press and electronic media. Besides maintaining close relationship with journalists & advertising agencies.

Olympic Industries Ltd. believes in serving the nation and building the country strong and always at the forefront to support noble causes and promote the social & culture activities in the country.

The Public Relation Division of Olympic Industries Ltd. sponsors various social, cultural and sports events to generate healthy activities in the society. It also organizes religious programs to uphold the religious tradition of our people. The Division represents the industries at important forums to exchange views on national issues with various organizations to boost the intellectual activities.

13. Analysis

13.1 SWOT Analysis:

The comparison of strengths weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is normally referred to as a SWOT analysis. The central purpose of the SWOT analysis is to identify strategies that align, fit, or match a company’s resources and capabilities to the demands of the environment in which the company operates. To put it another way the purpose of the strategic alternatives generated by a SWOT analysis should be to build on company strengths in order to exploit opportunities and counter threats and to correct company weakens.

SWOT analysis explains in two broad ways on viewed of organizations environment. These are:

1) Internal Environment Analysis:

It includes:

  • Strengths
  • Weakness

2) External Environment Analysis:

It includes:

  • Opportunities
  • Threats


  • Olympic Industries Ltd. has already established a favorable reputation in the FMCG industry sector of the country. It is one of the leading private sector commercial industries in Bangladesh. The industry has already shown a tremendous growth in the profits and deposits sector.
  • Olympic Industries Ltd. has provided its industry service with a top leadership and management position. The Board of Directors is the skilled person in business world. The top management officials have all worked in reputed company and their years of industry experiences, skills, and expertise will continue to contribute towards further expansion of the Industry.
  • Olympic Industries Ltd. has an interactive corporate culture. The working environment is very friendly, interactive and informal. There are no hidden barriers or boundaries while communicate between the superior and the employees. This corporate culture provides as a great motivation factor among the employees.
  • Olympic Industries Ltd. has the reputation of being the provider of good quality services too its potential customers.


  • The Industry failed to provide a strong quality-recruitment policy in the lower and some mid level position. As a result the services of the industry seem to be Deus in the present days.
  • Service quality of this industry is good but hot high as the customers want and expectation is higher than the others Industry Some of the job in Olympic Industries Ltd. Olympic Industries Ltd. has no growth or advancement path..


  • In order to reduce the business risks Olympic Industries Ltd. Should expand their business portfolio.
  • In addition of those things Olympic Industries Ltd. can introduce special corporate scheme for the corporate customer. At the same time, they can emphasize more on various social activities because it has these opportunities.


The low compensation package of the employees from mid level to lower level position threats the employee motivation. As a result, good quality employees leave the organization and it effects the organization as a whole.


Environmental Policy:

  • Olympic Industries Ltd. also is committed to maintain highest standard of environmental protection and want to ensure the consumer that all actives of the Industries are being done without any adverse impact on the environment.
  • Olympic Industries Ltd. firmly believe that they are responsible to the government for protecting environment
  • The entire employees are well aware of their responsibility and commitments.


  • Olympic Industries Ltd. always practice national legislation on environment and ensure that no stage of their operations will compromise / hamper the safety of people, product and environment.
  • Olympic Industries Ltd. continuously analyzes and improves the environmental impact of their existing & future packaging products.
  • Olympic Industries Ltd. minimize risks of pollution by

I. Handling of materials in a safe manner.

II. Minimizing dust and noise levels.

  • Olympic Industries Ltd. also co-operates with national environmental authorities & consultative bodies as well as strives to raise the environmental awareness about supplies.
  • Olympic Industries Ltd. also ensures that employees in general and management in particular understand & comply with environmental responsibilities through proper training and internal audits to Check for Compliance.


Factory Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Production in Charge and all other stuffs have specific responsibility for the implementation of the policy in their respective areas.

Quality Policy:

Olympic Industries Ltd. always Follows total quality management principle:

I. Success is built on quality

II. Quality is a join effort

III. Quality is made by people

  • Olympic Industries Ltd. committed to continuous improvement of their products.
  • Olympic Industries Ltd. committed to supply high quality products to their buyer’s consumers.
  • Olympic Industries Ltd. ensure competitive price by adopting latest manufacturing technology

13.2 Analysis of Employee Survey:

This questionnaire is based on the satisfaction of the customers to using Olympic products and services. What I have found in my study that I furnished below:

Employee Age Group of Olympic Industries Ltd.:

14. Findings and Discussion:

  • Management of Olympic Industries Ltd. always gives me the answers of the particular questions. Hopefully the management decided to provide fully computerized services that will booster services of the industry.
  • Officers of the desk, where workload is very high, hardly get the chance to go out for development purpose and always feel that their duties for the organization.
  • Management decision is very quick.
  • Employee is too much proportional.
  • Everybody is high qualified.
  • Marketing department & sales department are highly qualified.
  • Factory Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Production in Charge and all other stuffs have specific responsibility for the implementation of the policy in their respective areas.
  • The products are having clean superiority in appearance performance, workmanship and life/durability.
  • Continuously analyze and improve the environmental impact of their existing & future packaging products.
  • Management committed to supply high quality products to their buyer’s consumers.

15. Recommendations:

In this part we have tried to come up with a number of recommendations pertinent to the overall performance of the company. These recommendations are based on the research/analysis. The following suggestions are recommended for increasing the overall performance of the company:

§ The synergy of dedicated manpower, technology, and market opportunity can lead the organization to achieve the goal.

  • The management should increase the current assets in order to meet the current obligations, so that firm can attain a comfortable liquidity.
  • Olympic Industries Ltd. should train up their head personnel about all sort of information regarding and its service.
  • Olympic Industries Limited management should take attempts to reduce its administrative, selling and distribution expenses.
  • Attempts should be made to use debt capital efficiently in its capital structure in order to enjoy the benefit of leverage.
  • It seems to me that day-by-day customers operation is increasing, individual employee has to handle different types of job. But that is pocking a back for an employee. As a result it might be happen any big mistake by the employee and service is also timed consuming and customers has to suffer for this situation.
  • May be it would be the reason for employee’s de-motivation as well as the customer’s dissatisfaction.
  • Control should be and adjusted through responsibility accounting.
  • Olympic Industries Ltd. should focus on their promotional activities.
  • They should also focus on the marketing aspects to let customers know about their products and offerings and more promotion should be given to attract new customer.
  • Time consumed at service level should be minimized at optimum level.

16. Conclusion:

Promotional strategy of all FMCG industries in Bangladesh to identify is very difficult. Therefore, we tried to collect actual data and try to make a special report.

FMCG companies ensure various promotional activities to increase their market share. How ever the preference to get information about the development of the molecule and frequent working of Olympic Industries Ltd. Marketing and Marketing department of the company.

The segment of FMCG business has some unique advantages and some specific characteristics. The market is very much promising so it will respond any stimuli in its own way. In FMCG market products are recognized with brand name all over the world rather the manufacture.

FMCG companies provide as much information about their product but many consumers less aware of it. They are just satisfied with the molecule and bother other things.

17. References



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18. Survey Questionnaire Design:

1. The company charges reasonable for the value it is offering.

a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Don’t know

2. The company has excellent CSR policy.

a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Don’t know

3. The company adopted excellent advertising strategies.

a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Don’t know

4. The company offers excellent delivery systems.

a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Don’t know

5. The company offers reliable and secure products?

a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Don’t know

6. Company has trained personal in its sales team.

a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Don’t know

7. Company has excellent technical support team.

a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Don’t know

8. The packaging of the product is excellent.

a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Don’t know

9. The company has excellent supply chain management systems.

a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Don’t know

10. I am satisfied with the overall performance of the company?

a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Don’t know