One of the most common problems our society is dealing with is sexual abuse of kids. The reason for the increasing cases of child abuse is because its signs and symptoms are very hard to recognize.

Kids under the age of five can hardly understand and express their feelings and emotions which leads to ignorance of such cases. You need to be very attentive and careful about your child’s emotional and physical behavior in order to understand the signs of sexual abuse of kids. Keep reading to know more about these child sexual abuse information.

Physical Symptoms

Mostly kids who are too small fail to understand and explain the things happening with their bodies, especially in cases of sexual abuse of kids. Physical indications are one of the first symptoms that you can understand, any type of difficulty faced by your child in sitting or walking, redness, injury or bruising around the genital area or any type of abnormal discharge from the areas of penile or vagina are some concerned symptoms that need immediate attention.

Changes In Behavior

Kids who are sexually abused often show unusual changes in their behavior. Mostly these kids get upset very often or start crying when they are left alone with any particular person in your family or any other person that often visits your home. They might also develop some sleep problems or they may experience frequent nightmares. This can make them more aggressive or introvert in their communication.  You should carefully look for the reasons behind it.

Sudden Tend Toward Sexuality

Another important symptom that you can easily identify is when a child becomes more interested in sexual things suddenly. This is one common symptom that represents sexual abuse of kids. They may also try to do the same things with other family members of your family that have been done to them. Such kids start showing more interest toward gaining more knowledge toward sexual things and topics and may keep touching their genital parts often.


Mostly, sexually abused kids are warned or threatened about not disclosing it to anyone by the abusers. In most of the cases, kids under the age of five do not follow these threats and might tell you about anyone touching them or caressing themFind Article, pay attention to such things very seriously. Try to communicate with your child about it and make him or her comfortable to tell you about any such thing happening to them.