There are many issues in our family and social life which are legally binding. Discuss the statement

There are many issues in our family and social life which are legally binding. Discuss the statement


Contract is offer among two or more parties to do, achieve or contribute to reach in mutual understanding for their own or universal benefit. Offer can be made by one or two (more) parties and these offers push those parties into different arguments, where try to give emphasize their own point and evaluate the other party proposition. Then after hard debate and compromise, those parties come to a common understanding to proceed for future benefit. When these offers are accepted by those parties and written under the help of law personnel; the constitution gives the offers the power to work as legally binding contract. A legally binding contract is a definite promise to fulfill the offer after acceptance. A person or group can reject a contract to be made when an offer is made and they also will have the right to cancel the contract when the offer is not mostly fulfilled.

Several contracts can be introduced or formed inside family members by mutual agreements. Contracts in families can be between husband and wife, between siblings and between parents & children. Contracts between husband and wife can be made to maintain balance in work distribution for family, child care responsibilities, wife’s right over husband property or vice versa, separation contract (after divorce responsibility and rights) etc. Siblings can be taken under legally binding contract for dividing parental property, dividing responsibility to take care of parents or parent duties and other matters of family. Between parents and children legal contracts can define parent specific rules & penalties when those rules are broken and for children, they can contract their demands.

Social contracts are made for the betterment of society and avoid different conflicts arise from unknown factors. To manage situational crisis like riot between social groups, religion groups or unrest in between employer and labor groups, legally binding contracts are greatly required. For social development corporations can be force to make CSR activities which can be done through social binding contracts. Social binding contracts can make business contract to facilitate combine small investors to invest in large scale.


In family and society, in both places, there arise different wanted or unwanted conflict due to lack of definition and allocation of right, responsibility and other things by the member of these sections. In family matters like, there have been some usual conflict between husband and wife regarding husband did something wrong or wife should have done something but she did not. This sort of conflict most of the time have no base but happen; to avoid these conflicts, spouses after marriage, can create some legal contracts regarding their marital duties and different hated personal factors of both male and female. Husband and wife often face conflict when there come questions of child care and ways to grow children in their family, then legally binding contracts are necessary. In families collusion occur between siblings due to property division, where a pre-contract can legally solve the problem.

For social immunity, sometime people of society request or force the social or the political groups to reach under legal contract where they bound to avoid different sort of conflict. Sometime these social groups bond through different legally binding contracts for their own benefit and betterment of the society. Under social contracts small investors get opportunity to invest big amount and compete with big corporation by cumulative community business. Society can bind different corporations to be the part of social betterment through CSR activities if those corporations can be taken under appropriate legally binding contract.


Most of the families face conflict between husband and wife regarding family responsibility and child matters. Between siblings there is property and parent responsibility collusion happens. When divorce occur there rise different issues like penalty for divorce, responsibility of children, right of property by wife from husband; these create legal complications. When we see the neighboring country India, we find few riots between their religious groups due to lame reasons. Even in Bangladesh different political groups fight for no reason. For social improvement corporation involvement for social and community work is essential; without well CSR activity social environmental and economic development is impossible.

To family confusion between family members can pre-avoid or found solution through legal contracts. Spouses can contract to define their relationship, duties for the family, child care strategies, separation terms & reasons to separate and after separation facilities to be given to both male and female. Brothers or sisters can make legal contracts or parents can make contracts for them to divide family property. Social contracts can be made to avoid different sorts of riots or conflicts to be happen far before society face these problems. Social legal contracts can bind corporation or business to be opened in social or residential area with different types of CSR activities to be mandatory.

Legally Binding Contract for Society

Social issues are mostly concern because it holds universal fact of common people live in the society. In Chittagong Hill Tract of Bangladesh there had been conflict between different Chittagong armed groups and government were terrorizing the area from far past. To ensure social security and to save innocent life Bangladesh government make an immense with Parbattya Chattagram Jana Sanghati Samity (PCJSS) and the United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF) to cease fire, stay in peace and total security of native as well as the visitor of that place. In return the government will gradually remove Bangladesh Armed Force from Chittagong. After the confrontations between the two main rival armed groups of the Chittagong Hill Tracts region, the Parbattya Chattagram Jana Sanghati Samity (PCJSS) and the United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF), terrorism continue on a low scale. In 2009, 74 people died even after this legal contract, but the result is much better than before now (from all time shooting and fighting where more than thousand people died each year).[2] This proves that, in social matters there can be legally binding contracts.

In India there happen frequent simple conflicts to big riots in between different groups of different states and also among different religious groups due to blind belief or other lame excuses. In July 2012 violence in the Indian state of Assam broke out with riots between indigenous Bodos and Bengali Muslims; because Muslims are claimed to immigrate in Bodo native place and torture them, while Muslims refused on that claim and riot was taken place.[3] Social legal contract could have defined their separate areas for resident & work and could have stopped this big riot like that. Not only this riot, the other conflicts or riots in the past could have stopped if proper social legal contracts were made by the society, the states or the government of India.

For social betterment society can persuade its members for different legal contracts and combine different group of people to provide the society with better environment, economy etc. Mexico is a place of several tribes and groups who make barrier among those groups and tribes to protect their pride and individualism; they fight and kill people of other groups. Recently at the end of 2012, they united their groups by breaking those barriers and to take part in their country economic development by work as jointly. For this social betterment and social matters, legally binding contract is important for Mexico and can be effective to other countries to follow.

Summary of Finding

Family dispute and responsibility distribution can be solved through mutual legal contract. We have different real prove regarding social factors/matters and development can be gained through different social legal binding contracts.

So, we proved, ‘In family or social matters there can be legally binding contract’.


Family contracts like marriage contracts, child care contracts, child demand contracts etc. are not famous in Bangladesh, but these contracts can be helpful for future uncertainty and safety. But in present after separation facilities and property dispute contracts are applied to benefit the justice expecting parties. Social benefits for small investors, social development by CSR activities etc. can bind corporations to make society beneficial. Conflicts between social groups, government and fighting tribes are avoided through legally binding contracts. Social responsibilities can also be defined by legal contract. So, family and social matters can be followed and solved through legally binding contract.


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