Top Arbitration Law Chamber in Bangladesh

Top Arbitration Law Chamber in Bangladesh

Arbitration is a mini-trial, which may be for a lawsuit ready to go to trial, held in an attempt to avoid a court trial and conducted by a person or a panel of people who are not judges. The arbitration may be agreed to by the parties, may be required by a provision in a contract for settling disputes, or may be provided for under statute.

Bangladesh has recently enacted the Arbitration Act 2001 (the Act). It came into force on 10 April 2001, repealing the Arbitration (Protocol and Convention) Act 1937 and the Arbitration Act 1940, legacies of the British Raj in India. The new Act was again amended in 2004 in certain respects. Such legislative steps were urgent in the face of increasing foreign investment in Bangladesh in various sectors, especially in natural gas and power, and the ever-growing export trade with the rest of the world. The Act, consolidates the law relating to both domestic and international commercial arbitration. It thus creates a single and unified legal regime for arbitration in Bangladesh. This modernization gives Bangladesh a facelift as an attractive place for dispute resolution in the field of international trade, commerce and investment. Although the new Act is principally based on the UNCITRAL Model Law, it is a patchwork quilt as some unique provisions are derived from the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and some from the English Arbitration Act 1996.

A non-court procedure for resolving disputes using one or more neutral third parties called the arbitrator or arbitration panel. Arbitration uses rules of evidence and procedure that are less formal than those followed in trial courts, which usually leads to a faster, less-expensive.

At present there are many Arbitration Law Consultants or Chambers exists in Bangladesh. Most of them want to provide remedy their clients by applying proper legal procedure. Actually for applying Arbitration law in the light of the legal procedure it needs experience and proper knowledge in that area. But most of the Arbitration Lawyer has no proper experience in that area that’s why they failed to provide proper remedy to their clients.

The Lawyers & Jurists has been involved in both domestic and international arbitration, including international commercial arbitration. The founder of the Lawyers & Jurists Barrister A.M Masum has widespread experience in domestic and international arbitration, both as counsel and arbitrator. Other members of this Associates also have expertise and experience in commercial arbitration. This Associate advises on a wide range of arbitration issues, including arbitration clauses and submission agreements, choice of forum and rules of arbitration, enforceability of awards and the role of national courts during arbitration proceedings. This Associate has been involved in litigation for enforcing arbitration awards, staying court proceedings initiated in violation of arbitration clauses and obtaining interim relief in support of pending arbitration proceedings.

To maintain a good rapport with the clients and for their liberator, The Lawyers & Jurists is the best Arbitration Law Chamber in the country, which is trying to establish proper legal practice and legal expertise in Arbitration sector of legal arena.


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