Top Law Chambers for the Appellate Courts of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Top Law Chambers for the Appellate Courts of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh

The Supreme Court of Bangladesh is the highest court of law in Bangladesh. It is composed of the High Court Division and the Appellate division, and was created by Part VI Chapter I of the Constitution of Bangladesh adopted in 1972. This is also the office of the Chief Justice, other Justices of the Appellate Division, and Justices of the High Court Division of Bangladesh. As of January 2011, there are 4 Justices in Appellate Division and 94 Justices in High Court Division.

Appellate Courts of Bangladesh established for the purpose of ensuring justice. Because if any party aggrieved as per decision of the lower court he has a right file an appeal to the higher court both in civil and criminal matter.

To deal in case or suit in the higher courts of Bangladesh there are many experienced Law firms has been established in Bangladesh. This firm has excellent performance record in the field of public and constitutional law. Many administrative actions by the government or government entities have been successfully challenged by way of judicial review.

In the arena of Appellate Court the legal practitioners of The Lawyers and Jurists based on a well-worked and refined methodology, designed to deliver and maintain professional standards. As a firm The Lawyers and Jurists maintain the quality of service and to that end we are now actively working with our lawyers & staff to improve their quality. Our aim is to provide our clients and staff with a lasting confidence and belief in the capabilities of the firm and the manner in which we deliver our legal services.


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