Trade Organisation Ordinance, 1961


Organisation Ordinance, 1961



appears from a reading of section 9 of the Ordinance that all acts and
proceedings of trade organisations are subject to the control of the Director,
Trade Organisations. This section gives the Director Trade Organisation the
general authority to arrogate to itself the power to look into and regulate the
internal affairs of the CCCI. Sub-section (f) of section 9 specifically gives
power to the DTO to cancel, suspend or modify any resolution adopted or any
decision taken, by the general body or its Executive Committee for its not
being in conformity with the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of
Association or any Rules, Regulation made thereunder.

Ahmed Vs Director of trade Organisations, Ministry of Commerce, Dhaka and
others, 20 BLD (HCD) 457.



12 of the Ordinance has not completely ousted the jurisdiction of the Court but
before coming to the Court the petitioners are to refer the matter to
Arbitration as provided in section 12 of the Ordinance.

Cotton Mills Ltd. and others Vs The Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and industry
and others, 19 BLD (HCD) 372.