UML, the motor exporter in Bangladesh.

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Basic Elements of UML


Ø UML has country wide strong marketing network Which are shown the following map

Total Branches: 12

Showroom: 4

Dealers: 71 (for Motorcycle and Passenger Car)

Ø UML has Country wide workshop for giving after sales services.

Ø UML has exclusive showroom for different brand

Suzuki: 1

Maruti: 1

Bajaj: 2

Ø UML normally hire employee to do their work.

Ø UML big branches are making huge sales as well as middle and small branches are also increase

Ø UML has computerized automobile diagnosis system that is provided by the USL(Uttara Service Limited)

Ø UML offer largest product line for automobile.

Ø UML has captured huge segment for small car segment.

Ø Upper managements of UML are highly experienced.

Ø UML deal with famous company and renowned brand in the automobile sector like Isuzu, Suzuki.

Ø UML has excellent relation with the mother or principle company.

Ø UML is established in 1972, it has good heritage and tradition.

Ø UML is financially solvent.

Ø UML has excellent facilities for assembling pickup, minibus, Truck, 3- wheeler, and 2- wheeler.

Ø UML provide long warrantee period and free service than its competitors.


Ø UML has low payment structure and lack of other benefits like provident fund, gratuity. As a result employees are dissatisfied with their salary.

Ø UML offers low promotional activities than competitors

Ø Although UML has tradition and contribute a lot in the automobile sector, it has fewer images than other small competitors like Nitol Motors Ltd.

Ø In different tender UML vehicle price is higher than competitors like Toyota, Mitshubishi.

Ø The logo of Maruti- and suzuki are same , in our country Muruti Taxi cab which we see in road are not in a good position, so people has misconception about vehicle of Suzuki and Maruti vehicle.

Ø Lack of modernizes official equipment like computer, laser printers, which show the mobility of work of employee.

Ø Low resale value for maruti and suzuki vehicle in Bangladesh.

Ø Low participation of different event like game, cultural event or social event.


Ø The total automobile market are increasing, it is a great opportunity for UML.

Ø UML serve the small scale car vehicle like Maruti 800, Maruti Alto, the price of Maruti vehicle is less than othe vehicle.

Ø The demand of Taxicab, Auto rickshaw are increasing day by day, Uml can take the opportunity.

Ø In case of motorcycle, there are fewer competitors in the market, so UML can hopeful achieve the highest share of market.

Ø Different organizations are interest in low price vehicle, which are provided by the UML It opportunity for UML.

Ø UML can appoint dealers for Suzuki. Motorcycle, and other vehicle, the will increase sell of private and commercial Vehicle.


Ø Competitors of UML has limited product range, but the carry more image than UML, so if competitors increase the product line like UML, UML market share may be decrease.

Ø Rancon Motors, HS Motors are now distributing Chinas Koreans low price cars, Jeep which may capture market share of UML.

Ø Price of chains Koreans product are less than Indian product, so it can be the threat for UML

Ø In tender UML competitors offer low price than UML, SO government sales of UML are decreasing day by day.

Ø The prices of the recondition Japanese’s Vehicle are close to the price of new brands of Indians vehicles. In our country people have good perception about Japanese vehicles. So people of our country tend to purchase reconditioned vehicles.