Upazila Parishad (Election of Chairman) Rules, 1983


Parishad (Election of Chairman) Rules, 1983

Rule 14—

of nomination paper —Question of waiver of right to challenge— The relevant law
does not provide for any appeal against acceptance of a nomination paper
relating to election of the Chairman of an Upazila Parishad. The acceptance of
a nomination paper which is disputed is riot a pre-election dispute but an
election dispute and can be agitated before the Election Tribunal and before no
other forum.

Yakub (Md)
Ali Howlader vs Abdur Rob Munshi 43 DLR 586.


Rule 27—

Commission’s authority to order repolling—In an appropriate case when there are
contradictory reports and materials before the Election Commission about
adjournment of poll and submission of result by the Presiding Officer, the
Election Commission has the power either to direct repoll or to direct
acceptance of the result. There is no question of exercise of plenary power by
the Election Commission in such a situtation.

Selim Ullah
Bahadur vs Election Commission 44 DLR 304.