Uttara Bank Employees Service Regulation, 1981


Uttara Bank Employees Service Regulation,


19(2) provides that in the case of change of category of post, the employee who
has changed the category shall get the seniority in the new category of posts
carrying the same scale of pay or comparable scale of pay from the date of his
appointment in the new category of posts.

the instant case it is found that the petitioner joined the service as
Typist-cum-Clerk on 13.9.68 and was confirmed on 13.9.69, but when he reached
the position of Typist-cumJunior Assistant he found that he occupied a blocked
position and that he had no change of further promotion. He then repeatedly
submitted representation for changing his cadre and after changing his cadre as
Junior Assistant on 18.8.76 his seniority was directed to be counted from
18.8.76. In such circumstances, his seniority will be governed by regulation 19(5).

Abdul Jalil
Vs The Chairman, First Labour Court and others, 19 BLD (AD) 274.