Best company lawyer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Best Company Lawyer in Dhaka

Company Lawyer in Dhaka, Bangladesh: Advocate A.M Masum, a recognised Company Lawyer in Dhaka, Bangladesh and an enrolled practicing advocate, who has several years of experience in Legal Consultancy that comprises of legal auditing, due diligence, legal drafting and vetting, litigation practices and he is a Senior Associate at “Lawyers & Jurists” Associates.
Also Advised in several domestic and international non-profitable Organization;
Advocate A.M Masum, has been strongly advocating towards strengthening the application of cyber security laws while striking a balance with the laws relating to privacy, abuse of bureaucratic powers, non-biased application of security laws and enhancement of constitutional integrity.

Advocate A.M Masum, gained the reputation of being among the top business lawyer in Bangladesh while working in the position of a Senior Associate in “Lawyers & Jurists” Associates is due to his diligent advices given to many different clients, both national and International, in the most thriving and difficult situations. While acting as a business lawyer in Bangladesh, his interest of practice lies both in corporate and litigation practices.