Cross-Examination ( David Tyler)

Cross-Examination ( David Tyler)

Mr Fred Parsons you work mostly in the loading bays, is that right ?

And you work in pairs with Terry, don’t you ?

And so you and Terry spend  your break together, don’t you ?

As usual On 8th August 2003 you and Terry loaded a lorry prior to morning break at 10.30 a.m, is that right ?

And you and Terry joined by another warehouseman Alan to spend your break together, is that right ?

And you don’t know very well Alan, do you ?

Mr Fred Parsons it was very bright and sunny day, wasn’t it ?

And so you all sat in the yard to have your break, didn’t you ?

And Alan gave you tea  from his flask during the break, didn’t he ?

And you were very keen in chatting with Alan and Terry, is that right ?

And you continued chatting with very interesting issue, didn’t you ?

I think you would agree with me that during the break your concentration was only in chatting rather than anything else, is that right?

Mr Parsons about 5 minutes later  you saw a white man came out of the Staff room to your right, didn’t he ?

And he walked across the loading bays, didn’t he ?

And he was wearing the standard issue Superstore overalls and boots, wasn’t he ?

And he was of average height and build, wasn’t he ?

And you think that Terry called out “Hello Dave” ?

But he didn’t answer and kept walking across the yard, didn’t he ?

And as he was not Mr Dave Tylor, he didn’t acknowledge Terry, was he ?

And at that time of day, lots of employees go in and out of the Staff Room, is that right ?

you would agree with me that it was not Mr Dave Tylor and if it was he would at least acknowledge Terry, is that right ?