Examination in Chief ( Victor Brian Bliss)

Examination in Chief ( Victor Brian Bliss)
Your honour,
I would like to call Mr Victor Brian Bliss.

Part 1

Could you please confirm your name to the court ?
Do you see a signature on the document ? yes.
Whose signature is it ? Mine.
When did you make that statement ? if date is there.
Were it contents true when you made it ?
Your honour,
With your permission, I would like to ask some supplementary questions to Mr Bliss.
Mr Bliss Can you recall how long  you have known to Mrs Bliss ?
How will you describe the relationship between you and Mrs Bliss before this incident ?
And your relationship with her since Terry’s involvement ?
How will you describe Mrs Bliss relationship with Terry ?
And how will you describe Terry’s behaviour towards you and kevin ?
And was there anything between you and Terry in particular you can remember ?
And how will you describe his attitude towards you on Sunday, 23rd Nov ?
Can you describe to the court how often did they meet ?
In particular, on Sunday afternoon 16th November 2003 where have you been ?
And was there anything you have heard that really upset you ?
And can you describe far more details what you have heard ?
And how many times in total you have discovered they had sex ?
And where was it ?
Can you remember on 29th November where was Mrs Bliss ?
And where were you ?
And what she had done next ?
Who do you think she had gone with ?
Whats your reaction on it?
And whats your view on your marriage ?
Mr Bliss , could you please describe how far your sister live from your house ?
And how far Kevin’s school from your house ?
And from your sister’s house ?
And how will you describe to come kevin’s school from your sister’s house ?
And what do you think that disruption can affect kevin’s future prospects ?
Thank you, Mr Bliss.
Please wait there you will now be asked some questions by the D’s counsel.