Examination-Jayne Corby

Publish date: October 1, 2010


I would like to call Jayne Corby

Could you please give your full name to the court?

And where do you live?

Part 1 Background

Miss Corby can I take you back to 1st November 2003 at about12.30pm, where were you?

Where was it?

What car were you driving?

Whose car was it?

How long have you had this car

How familiar are you with the South Greenwich area?

Why do you use Roseberry Drive?

How many times do you normally drive along this road in a week?

How will you describe this road?

Do people park on the road ?

Who parks there?

Part 2 Prior to the incident

Miss Corby as you have mentioned earlier that you were driving along Roseberry drive what in particular did you notic?

How was it traveling?

And what did you do then?

Where was the other car?

What was the other driver doing?

What were you doing at that time?

Part 3 Argument with the Defendant

As you said you stopped your car why did you have to wait?

And why had  you thought that he would reverse the car?

What was the reason not to reverse your car?

What sign had you used to let him understand to reverse his car?

What was his attitude towards you at that time?

Then how did you try to explain him the situation?

What was he doing then?

And then you opened your window and told him to move back and pointed toward the space behind him, is that right.

As you said he sat in the car what did he do then next?

And what did you do when you saw him to get out of the car?

And can you recall the car driver behind your car whether he was there at that time?

How would you describe Mr Harker?

Could you please explain more on it?

Part 4 The Incident

Can you remember what Mr Harker was saying when he came over to your window?

And you told him to ‘move back and then you’ll drive round’, is that right?

And how was Mr Harker reacting when you told him to move back?

As you mentioned earlier that he came over to your window then what did he do?

Miss Corby As you said he was shouting can you recall what Mr Harker was saying?

What was the reaction from the car behind you when Mr Harker was shouting at you?

What was Mr Harker doing when he heard the horn?

And when he was passing your passenger window what did he shout at you?

How did you react by that?

What did he do next when he got into his car?

How did he take his car into the gap behind him?

Can you recall which way he then drove away?

And which way did you drive?

Once you drove to the end of the road what did you do then?

How did you personally react by his behavior?

5.Describe the scratch:

Miss Corby Can you recall whether you have heard anything when he was passing your car ?

And what  did you see when you got out of the car ?

Can you recall when you first saw the scratch on your car?

Can you remember whether you had scratched any other way while you were driving?

Part 6 Assistance offered from the other driver

Miss Corby as you said you stopped the car then what did you write?

What was the other car registration no?

At that time where was  your behind car ?

How did he offer you to assist ?

What did he say?

How did he intend to help you?

What did he write on the paper?

What did you do with that paper then?

Part 7 Car Repairs

Miss Corby can you recall whether you have seen the other car since the incident?

Where have you seen it?

Miss Corby as you said he had scratched along the side of your car then what did you have to do to repair your car?

How much did you have to spend?

How did you claim that cost?

Finally,what other losses did you have to incur due to the incident?

Thank you Miss Corby

Please wait there you will now be asked some questions by the D’s counsel.