Legal Opinion for execution of contract related Company



Dear Sir,

RE: Legal Opinion for execution of contract no. ASSL/EXP/07/03, ASSL/EXP/07/05, ASSL/EXP/07/04 and ASSL/EXP/07/06 A/C Company 1.

We refer to your letter no. IBBL/KBB/INV/2007/4342 dated October 25, 2007 on the above subject.

In order for us to give our opinion and we need to examine the following documents executed between Company 1.and Mr.A.

1.      Contract No. ASSL/EXP/07/05

2.      Contract No. ASSL/EXP/07/04 and

3.      Contract No. ASSL/EXP/07/06

Kindly provide us with copies of the above-mentioned documents as soon as possible.

Moreover, in order for us to give our opinion we shall require to peruse all four contracts. As such we will require considerate amount of time to review the four contracts and to provide our legal opinion.

Therefore, it may take about ten days from receipt of the above documents to give our opinion. Please confirm whether this is acceptable or not.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


For: “The Lawyers & Jurists”