Legal Opinion on Maintenance Agreement

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Dear Sir,

Re        Legal Opinion on Maintenance Agreement

We refer to your letter No. ………………dated 17/08/97 on the above subject.

The copy of the Agreement which has been forwared to us has already been signed by GeneSys Software SDN BHD. Therefore, we do not know whether there is any scope for us giving any opinion.

In any case we have perused the agreement. Our observation is as follows:

or We have perused the draft letter of advice to be sent to card holders.

There might be situation where the card holder shall exceed his prescribed travel quota. If it happens, such will be breach of the conditions which will result in cancellation of the card. Further the card holder might be liable to action under Foreign Currency Rules.  This is clearly stated in the Advice letter. So in our opinion, against such kind of eventuality, adequate caution has been provided in the Advice letter.

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For: “The Lawyers & Jurists”