Letter of Continuation




Dear Sirs,

We, M HOLDINGS LIMITED, a company incorporated under the relevant Companies Act, having its office at United House, 10 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan 1, Dhaka, do hereby confirm that we have furnished a demand promissory note dated _________________ for BDT …………. only (the ‘Facility’), executed by us (the “DP Note”) to the Lenders as security for the repayment of the ultimate balance or sum remaining unpaid on the term loan facility of an aggregate amount of Tk……….. only granted to us pursuant to a Term Loan Facility Agreement dated __________ executed among us, the Agent, Bank1(“the Joint Lead Arranger”), Company1 (the “Co-Arranger”),  Bank2  (the “Co-Arranger”) and the Lenders (the “Term Loan Agreement”) and we shall  remain liable under the DP Note notwithstanding the fact that payments are made into towards the reduction of our liabilities under the Facility from time to time.

We hereby acknowledge and confirm that we are liable to the Lenders for payment of the amount mentioned in the DP Note together with all interest thereon; and that the limitation of the DP Note shall be suspended in accordance with the Limitation Act, 1908 (and any amendment thereto) until the occurrence of an Event of Default in accordance to the terms of the Term Loan Agreement, and the limitation period shall start from the date of occurrence of such Event of Default.

Yours faithfully,

_________________________Authorised SignatoryDesignation:For: M HOLDINGS LIMITED

Drafted by:

For: “The Lawyers & Jurists”
M.L.Hotel Tower Ltd,208,Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam Sarani,
Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka-1000.
Lenders Participation in the Term Loan Facility (BDT in million) Lending Office
Bank 2 200.00 Head Office61 Dilkusha C/ADhaka 1000
Bank3 100.00 Head Office6-8 Dilkusha C/ADhaka 1000
Bank1 200.00 SCB House67, Gulshan AvenueGulshanDhaka – 1200
Bank4 100.00 Head OfficeMetropolitan Chamber Building (3rd floor)122-124, Motijheel C/ADhaka-1000
Bank5 150.00 Head Office90 Motijheel C/A2nd FloorDhaka 1000
Bank6 150.00 Head OfficeBSB Building (18th floor)8 Rajuk AvenueDhaka 1000
Company1 200.00 UTC Building (Level 16)8, PanthapathKawranbazarGPO Box 619Dhaka 1215
Company 2S 50.00 BRAC Centre (Level 11)75 MohakhaliDhaka 1212