M/s. X Tyres and another -Versus- Z Aansh Trading (Pvt.) Ltd and others





CIVIL REVISION NO. ________OF________


M/s. X Tyres and another




Z Aansh Trading (Pvt.) Ltd and others


/Opposite Parties


I, ________________________, son of _________________ of 2, R. K. Mission Road (Beside Ittefaq), Dhaka, aged about 39 years, by occupation businessman, by faith Muslim, nationally Bangladeshi, do hereby solemnly affirm and say as follows:

01. That I am the constituted attorney of the defendants/appellants/petitioners in this case and acquainted with the facts and circumstances of the present case and competent and authorised to swear this Affidavit.

02. That at the time of submitting the revisional petition the copies of the following documents were not annexed to the revisional petition. Now the copies of the said documents are annexed herewith in the following manner:

Sl Description of the documents


1. 01. Appointment letter of M/s Q Sales Corporation as an agent for Bangladesh 02.06.1992 Annexure “B”
2. 03. Appointment letter of M/s Y International issued by M/s Q Sales Corporation 01.07.1992 Annexure “B(1)”
3. 02. Appointment letter of Z Aansh Trading (Pvt.) Limited issued by M/s Q Sales Corporation along with confirmation issued by M/s X Tyres 04.07.1992 Annexure “B(2)”
4. 05. Minutes of the meeting between M/s X Tyres and Y International at Calcutta 10.10.2001 Annexure “C”
5. 06. Letter issued by M/s X Tyres addressed to Inspectorate Griffith (India) Pvt Limited 16.07.2001 Annexure “D”
6. 07. Amendment of letter dated 16.07.2001 issued by M/s X Tyres addressed to Inspectorate Griffith (India) Pvt. Limited 13.08.2001 Annexure “D(1)”
7. 08. Letter issued by M/s X Tyres to Mr. N. I. Patwari regarding introducing another channel for distribution in Bangladesh 24.01.2002 Annexure “E”
8. 15. Letter issued by M/s X Tyres appointing M/s. Dye Tex International 07.01.2002 Annexure “F”
9. 16. Letter issued by M/s X Tyres appointing M/s. Solar Trading Corporation 26.11.2002 Annexure “F(1)”
10. 09. Minutes of meeting dated 11.04.2002 between M/s X Tyres and Y International 11.04.2002 Annexure “G”
11. 10. Letter of Termination/Cancellation of Agency issued by M/s X Tyres to Q Sales Corporation 28.01.2003 Annexure “H”
12. 11. Letter of Termination/Cancellation terminating/cancelling the distributorship/all arrangements with Z Aansh Trading Pvt Ltd and M/s Y International along with certificate of posting 29.01.2003 Annexure “H(1)”
13. 14. Letter issued by M/s Q Sales Corporation acknowledging the termination/cancellation 30.01.2003 Annexure “H(2)”
14. 13. Papers showing import of MRP Tyres in Bangladesh by M/s Y International On various dates Annexure “I”
15. 17. Various documents showing payment of money by M/s Y International to Baiju. R. India On various dates Annexure “J”
16. 18. Notice published by the opposite-parties in the daily “Inquilab” and “Ittefaq” 11.08.2003 Annexure “K”
17. 20. Plaint of C. S. No. 11 of 2003 filed in the High Court at Calcutta by P Industries Limited against Z Aash Trading Pvt. Limited and others along with amendment of plaint 14.01.2003 Annexure “L”
18. 22. Irrevocable Q Power of Attorney with minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of P Industries Limited 11.08.2003 Annexure “M”

03. That this supplementary affidavit may be treated as part of the revisional petition affirmed on 10.07.2004.

04. That the statements of facts made in this petition are true to my knowledge and matters of records, which I verily believe to be true and the rests are submission before this Hon’ble Court.

Prepared in my office:
Advocate The deponent is known to me and identified by me.
Solemnly affirmed before me by the said deponent on this the _____________ day of ___________ at _______ a.m. Advocate
Commissioner of Affidavits

Supreme Court of Bangladesh

High Court Division