Notice Demanding Justice 5

Mr. Z


Dear Sir


We act for (1) Dr. X, Managing Director, Company1 and (2) Company 1. Our clients have instructed us to serve notice upon you as follows:

01.              That upon our clients’ application dated 19.02.2000 environmental clearance was given to our clients for establishing a diagnostic cum consultation service centre at Plot No. ……………………..dated 27.02.2000 issued by the Deputy Director, Directorate of Environment, Dhaka Division, Dhaka.

02.              That the said environmental clearance was given to our client upon approval of the Director General and after physical verification of the project sight and review of the relevant papers/documents of our clients.

03.              That since obtaining the environmental clearance our clients have not violated any of the conditions mentioned in the Memo No. ……………….. or any of the provisions of the environmental law or government policy. Even then without any reason and without giving any notice to our clients at the utmost illegality you have suspended the environmental clearance given to our clients vide Memo No. 4/7/14/2000/201 dated 06.03.2000 issued by you at the personal instigation of Mr. X, Secretary, Ministry of Forest and environment.

04.              That you have also forwarded a copy of your aforesaid Memo dated 06.03.2000 to the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dhanmondi Police Station, Dhaka who has completely closed the diagnostic cum consultation service centre of our client.

05.              That your aforesaid order of suspension of the environmental clearance is mala-fide and highly violative of the fundamental rights of our clients and contrary to the principles of natural justice.

06.              That your aforesaid suspension order was passed against our clients, but no copy of that order was forwarded to our clients, although a copy of that order was forwarded to one Mr. X. However, our clients have managed to obtain a copy of your aforesaid order. Your such activities prove your mala-fide intention to harass our clients unnecessarily.

07.              That by issuing the aforesaid Memo dated 06.03.2000 you have done great injustice to our clients and your such unjustified activities are causing serious injury and damages to our clients.

In the premises stated above you are requested to do justice to our clients by rescinding your aforesaid Memo No. ……………. dated 06.03.2000 and inform us or our clients about your compliance within 48 hours of receipt of this notice. Should you fail to comply with the request our clients will be compelled to take necessary legal action against you.

A copy of this notice is kept in our office for future reference.

Yours faithfully


For: “The Lawyers & Jurists”