Used Lubricating Oil will be sold only to registered reclamation plants

Mr. Z


Dear Sir,

Under instruction of our client, Company 1…………………, I request you to cancel/rescind your letter Ref. No. __________________________ dated __________ and Memo No. ______________________dated ____________ in respect of sale of Used Lube Oil by press Tender stating date of submission of tender as __________ at _______ as the same is issued without lawful authority and in violation of the Petroleum Policy 1993 and National Energy Policy 1996 of the Bangladesh Government. It is clearly laid down in the above-mentioned Gazette Notification that “….. Used Lubricating Oil will be sold only to registered reclamation plants or their authorised agents operating on prescribed guideline…” It is apperent from the impugned letter and memo under reference that you are in violation of the Government Policy and have taken steps in contravention of the Gazatte Notifications of the Government and are action with the design to deprive our client of his rights under the Government Policy as stated above.

You are requested to refrain from taking the proposed course of action in selling Used Lube Oil by Tender, which is scheduled for ________.

You are further requested to sell the said Used Lube Oil in accordance with the Government Policy as enunciated in the Gazette Notifications mentioned herein –above

You are requested to communicate compliance of the above requests to us or our client by ________ am on __________ at the latest, failing which it shall be deemed that justice has been denied to our client, whereupon we have instructions to file writ petition in High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh implicated.

A copy of this Notice is kept in my office for further reference.


Yours faithfully,



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