Family Matters and Child Custody

The team of Lawyers & Jurists have immense experience in family matters including all disputes and issues relating to marriage, divorce, ward ship, child custody, residence and all financial claims connected with them, including maintenance, property, lump sum etc. We endeavor to combine our considerable knowhow and experience, with an understanding and caring approach.

Family dispute is one of the most important areas of law that we focus most in our practice. With the change of time, family disputes including divorce and guardianship are on rise in number in Bangladesh.

In the territory of our country, it is obvious to note that the disputes as to the conjugal status is shaded by the pretence of happiness which in turn blast out in a heart breaking situation. The vulnerable status of such type of family or conjugal or marital relationship has direct impact of the social infrastructure of the land.

To redress the “violence in family” in the modes of Dowry, Torture, assault, rape, strangulation, acid throwing, number of special Acts has been enacted and they are in their full effect. Though some of the offence is redressed by the Penal Code, 1860, a few are subject to specific enactments.

We have brilliant lawyers who have noticeable reputation in the field of Family law, especially when the dispute is regarding Dower, Divorce, Maintenance, restitution of conjugal life and of course about custody of child. In a case of Dower, divorce or maintenance or custody of child, we take every case with utmost confidentiality. We do not unnecessarily disclose the identity of our clients in this regard. Because, we value your social standing as well as the consequences it may invite.