Top Law chamber in Bangladesh

What does the best law room mean?

There are many Barristers, Attorneys, and Attorneys who provide their services to various law firms located throughout Bangladesh. All law firms do not provide the best legal services in terms of quality and integrity. There are certain qualities and features that a law chamber in Bangladesh, leading law firm or room should have:

Legal firm site – The best law firm should be in the trading area. It should be easily accessible. It should not be in a noisy place or in a desert.

Experienced and Professional Attorneys – any law firm that claims to be the best legal service provider should have qualified lawyers in Bangladesh and have registered with the Bangladesh Bar Council. Also, they must have real experience of working in the legal field in various courts including the High Court Division and the Appellate Division of the Bangladesh High Court, the Magistrate’s Court, the administrative court, the Labor Court, Artha Rin Adalat, and other related courts.

Solution to a Legal Problem- The lawyer should take care of the client’s affairs and focus on what the client needs. Finding a complete solution to a client’s problem should be the attorney’s main goal.

Client attention – Attorneys at a leading law firm must provide appropriate attention to their client. If the attorney takes the case, he or she must provide the time and attention required by the client.

Personal Relationships – It is important to note in most cases, that the relationship between the lawyer and the client is not a strong one. Therefore, the attorney should be willing to take personal responsibility for his or her client.

Cost and invoice –

The leading law firm must provide the appropriate invoice to the client. The invoice must provide details of all legal services provided by the law firm. In addition, the cost of all legal services should be reasonable.

Communication- In this age of rapid communication and digitalization, attorneys should have the means to communicate with the fastest and most advanced technologies. In addition, attorneys should provide their personal and contact information to their clients so that they can be reached whenever a client needs them immediately. There may be cases where a lawyer is not available or absent. In such cases, the attorney should provide contact details of other attorneys in the law firm who understand the client’s needs.

Submission – The client must be informed that he / she must not submit the original documents to the attorneys and the attorney must not ask the client to submit any original documents.

Proof of winning- Unless it is an open and closed case, attorneys should not guarantee that the client will win because the outcome of the case or legal case depends on the outcome of the case law chamber in Bangladesh.

Professional Integrity Level – the best legal firm representatives must treat clients with the utmost professionalism and must maintain their professional integrity to their clients in any issues they face.

Reasonable Expenditure- The best legal room should not charge the highest fees to customers and their services should be affordable.

Area of expertise
“Lawyers & jurists” provides legal services in various areas of law including (but not limited to) –

Corporate and Company matters
Family and Divorce matters
Land and Property matters
Criminal matters
Writ Petition
Business set up (Name clearance, Article of Association, Memorandum of Association, etc)
Contractual matters (Drafting and vetting of contracts to initiating suit for breach of contract)
Admiralty and Maritime issues
Labour and employment issues
Banking and Finance matters
IP Law
Immigration Law
Mediation and Arbitration