A list of internship students


Inter office Memo

School of Business

To                    :     Dr. G


From               :     Dr. A

Professor, School of Business

Director, BBA Program

Subject           :     BUS-498 (Internship) Students in Fall 08

Date                :     20 October 2008

Enclosed is a list of internship students assigned to you in Fall 2008.  Please advise the students to submit to you an internship proposal immediately.  I have also enclosed a set of guidelines for internship students.  Please note that BUS-498: Internship is treated like a regular course and students are expected to complete it within a semester.  If a student had legitimate reasons for not being able to complete it within a semester, he may be assigned an “I” grade.

Internship students are expected to meet routinely with the faculty supervisor and inform him/her of their problems and progress.  Please maintain a log book where you will record the details of each meeting with a student throughout the semester.  Please do not grade a report submitted by a student who did not obtain your approval or did not have much interaction with you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss with me.

Thank you.