BBA Program

The Program

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is the largest academic program at North South University. The number of BBA students is about 3,500. This accounts for more than 60% of the entire students population of UNIIVERSITY.  The BBA degree requires completion of 124 credits including a 4-credit internship. It is a multidisciplinary program. In addition to fulfilling core course requirements, BBA students have to take general education (GED) and concentration courses.

BBA Course Breakdown

Core course                                           69 credits

Concentration courses                        18 credits

GED courses*                                       27 credits

Open Elective courses                        15 credits

Internship                                                4 credits

* Nine credits are common with core courses


A BBA degree is offered with a choice of majors in the following areas:

q       Finance and Accounting

q       Business Policy & Strategy

q       Human Resource Management

q       Marketing

q       Management Information Systems

q       International Business

The core courses develop the foundation in the business area, the GED courses broaden their knowledge base in other areas and the concentration provides students with in-depth knowledge in the area in which the students specializes.

Unique Strengths

One of the major strengths of the BBA Program is its faculty. All of our core faculty have Ph.D. and/or MBA degree from North American or other equivalent universities. Currently we have forty two full time faculty. Moreover, we have a rich poll of part-time, adjunct and visiting faculty. Most of them have teaching experience abroad. The faculty members are highly committed to teaching and research. They are friendly and informal with students. However, they expect and encourage students to achieve challenging academic goals.

Flexibility is the beauty of our BBA Program. Students take courses according to their needs. The needs are determined by their academic and financial capabilities, convenience, and urgency for completing the degree. Students may enroll for a minimum of three and a maximum of fifteen or eighteen credit hours per semester. They may even skip a whole semester for unavoidable circumstances.

UNIIVERSITY’s BBA Program maintains international standards of teaching. Credits completed at UNIIVERSITY are accepted for transfer by most American universities. We also accept courses for transfer to UNIIVERSITY from recognized universities worldwide.

Career orientation is another cornerstone for our BBA Program. We prepare students for successful business careers in their real life. Our graduates are our ambassadors to the corporate world. Recent BBA graduates have successfully placed themselves in many internationally recognized organizations. The Career and Professional Development Services (CPDS) assists our graduates to find appropriate placement through on-campus recruitment, internship and referral.

Academic Calendar

The University offers three semesters (Spring, Summer and Fall) each academic year.

The Spring semester begins on the 2nd Tuesday of January and continues for 13 weeks.

The Summer semester begins on the 3rd Tuesday of May and continues for 13 weeks.

The Fall semester begins on the 2nd Tuesday of September and continuous for 13 weeks.

The BBA Program Office

Director: __________________

Asst. Director: ________________

Program Officer: _________________


_________________, Vice Chancellor

Ph.D. Manchester Business School, UK

MBA, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

MPIA, University of Pittsburgh, USA

_________________, Dean, School of Business

Ph.D. in Management, Cleveland State University, USA
MBA Indiana University, USA

Associate Professor


Ph.D. Ohio State University, USA

MS, University of Kentucky, USA

_________________________ Asst. Director, BBA Program

Ph.D. in Marketing, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

MBA, New York Institute of Technology, New York, USA


B. Com (Hons.), M.Com (Dhaka University)

MBA (Int’l Business) Asian Institute of Technology

Ph.D. Asian Institute of Technology


Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, Northeastern University, USA


Ph.D in International Finance, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, USA

Assistant Professor



Ph.D. in Business Administration, Southwest University, USA
Masters in Public Administration, State University of New York, USA


PhD, University of Manchester, UK

________________(On leave)

PhD, University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee), USA



MBA, University of San Francisco, USA


MBA, University of Waikato, New Zealand


LL.M, University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, USA

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BBA Program Office

School of Business


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