Course Description





Distribution of Marks: Midsem Exam (20%)

Final Exam (30%)

Project – Data Collection, Analysis, Report and Presentation (35%)

Individual Assignment (10%)

Class performance and Attendance (5%)

Course Description:

This course will enable the participants to identify the marketing information needs of an organization and to develop appropriate research to provide that information. The course is divided into three portions – the first portion deals with the research methodology; the second portion deals with the concepts of statistics and statistical data analysis; the third section will be devoted to provide experience in the use of standard computer based statistical packages.

Course Objective:
This course in Marketing Research is intended to develop (a) a broad understanding of the uses of research methodology in marketing and (b) a specific understanding of the marketing research process through classroom lectures as well as a practical marketing research project.


Essentials of Marketing Research: An applied orientation (1e) by Malhotra, Hall, Shaw and Oppenheim. (This book can be found in the NSU Basement)

Course Map (tentative):

Day Topic Covered in the Class
15th Sep Introduction
22nd Sep The Marketing Research Problem
24th Sep The Approach, Research Objectives and Research Design
6th Oct Secondary Data Methods
8th Oct Qualitative Research Methods
13th Oct Descriptive Research Design (Slot for SPSS Lab 1)
15th Oct Descriptive Research Design (Slot for SPSS Lab 2)
20th Oct SPSS Lab 3
22nd Oct SPSS Lab 4
27th Oct Mid Semester Examination
29th Oct Causal Research Design
3rd Nov Field Work, Data Preparation and Presentation
5th Nov Research Readings
10th Nov Statistical Concepts for Data Analysis
12th Nov SPSS Lab 5
17th Nov SPSS Lab 6
19th Nov Discussion on the Project
24th Nov Project Presentation
26th Nov Project Presentation

Please Note:

§         There will not be any make up exam; however, extreme situations will be exceptions as per the faculty’s decision. The difficulty-level for make up exams will be higher.

§         The instructor may make necessary changes in the course content depending on the progress of the class.