Course Equivalence


Inter office Memo

School of Business

Date                             : July 06, 2005


To                                : Dr. A

Chairman, Department of Economics

From                            : Dr. M

Asst. Director, BBA Program

Subject                        : Course Equivalence


Sameha Tabassum (ID # 021-312 030) has applied for credit transfer to ____________ from EIT (Lambton College), Abu Dhabi, AE United Arab Emirates. Please obtain comments from the concerned faculty regarding equivalence of the courses and send them to me at your earliest convenience. I have enclosed herewith the syllabus of the relevant course and a copy of the transcript.

Courses done at EIT (Lambton College) Corresponding Courses at
ECO1113 (Macro Economics) ECO 104 (Introduction to Macro Economics)

Thank you.