Survey Questionnaire on Employee Attitude Toward Top Management

Survey Questionnaire on Employee Attitude Toward Top Management

Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Age: _______________________   Educational Qualification: ____________________________

Designation: ___________________Management Level: Top / Middle/ Operational

Name of the Organization: ________________________________________________________

How you came to know about the job:_______________________________________________

Statement/Comment Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree No Opinion Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree
1.    I always feel free to speak to anyone in top management.
2. Our top management tries to make this Company a good place to work.
3. Starting and quitting times are satisfactory.
4. Management tries to make this a safe place to work.
5. My Supervisor gives praise where praise is due.
6. Good cooperation exists between departments.
7. Our insurance plan provides good coverage.
8. My performance is recognized by this company.
9. Our management keeps us informed about new plans and developments.
10. I would recommend employment at this company       to my friends.
11. I believe the quality at this company is a better now than a year ago.
12. The Company is a good place to work.
13. Things at this company are better than they were a year ago.
14. Often, my supervisor doesn’t keep promises.
15. My co-workers are cooperative and work well together.
16. I have been well-trained on all jobs to which I have been assigned.
17. Many times, top management tries to speak to anyone in top management here does not have my interest in mind.
18. My abilities and skills are used by this company.
19. Frequently I am sorry that I work here.
20. I am never bored with my job.
21. Our washrooms are adequate and they are kept clean.
22. The longer I work here the more I enjoy it.
23. We are given little or no information about the company.
24. My supervisor generally gives me clear instructions.
25. We are encouraged to make suggestions for improvements in our work.
26. I am pleased to tell others where I work.
27. My work is pleasant –I am not pushed for more than I can do.
28. We are never informed about changes, even those that affect us personally.
29. Some of my co-workers think they run the company.
30. Consideration and attention are shown to me when I use good judgment and initiative.
31. Top management hare is not friendly toward the employees.
32. In my opinion, top management here could operate the company more efficiently.
33. I understand the company insurance plan.
34. Too many problems exist here between co-workers.
35. Top management here does not supply me with the necessary equipment to do a good job.
36. I feel my family receives worthwhile information about the company from the News Dispenser.

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