Sustainable Promotional Strategies for Plastic Products in Bangladesh

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Sustainable Promotional Strategies for Plastic Products in Bangladesh: a Study on
Shurwid Industries Limited
Executive summary
Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers Association (BPGMA) is a private sector association and also representing our country total plastic goods industries with more than 700 members.
The main activities of the association are to assist the industries related to plastic goods manufacturing. It represents the plastic industry as a whole to deal with matters relating to Government regulations, patent rights, import and export regulations etc. The association serves as a contact point for overseas companies who desire to buy or sell or create a contact in Bangladesh for Plastic products.

The industrial growth in plastic sector in Bangladesh began at around the year 1980. Prior to that plastic sector industry was on such a small that it is not wroth mentioning. A gradual growth in the plastic industry was noticeable from the year 1980 to the year 1990. A large number of injection grade and film grade plastic industries were set up during this period and this sector started to play a significant role in the national economy.

The processing technology and the equipment initially came from India, followed by Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and some European countries.

Some of the products that we manufacture in Bangladesh are several types of extrusion material, molding, thermosetting conversion like manufacturing of PVC pipe, shopping bag, injection molding products, garment bag, woven bags, PET/PE bottle, laminated packages, making of profile, rigid sheet, garments accessories, house hold products, cosmetics, medicine packs etc.


Now days, the main drives for global PLASTIC market growth were countries in the developed world. However, because of increasing prosperity, Asian markets are becoming sizeable enough to influence global PLASTIC marketing growth.

Thus, having an Asian strategy is critical for future growth. More specifically, since a large portion of the Asian growth is by Singapore and China, having customized strategies for these two countries is critical

For a company that is intent upon accelerating its growth.

Bangladesh is almost self sufficient in the field of PLASTIC Industry.

The PLASTIC industries in Bangladesh are expanding speeding speedily. At present the PLASTIC of this country are exported to many other countries of the world. Industrialists have claimed that if govt. extends their co-operation in this purpose, the foreign exchange earning of this sector will comes nearer to earnings of the garments. With the expansion of the market of the PLASTIC industry, profit of the industry gross gone much higher.

The organization, which keeps eyes on the PLASTIC market, alleged that the prices of the PLASTIC by owners. In addition to that the questions of fake & adulterated PLASTIC are more. There are also allegations of the flow of PLASTIC through illegal routes.

Plastic Information (BPGMEA)

Common Plastic Acronyms Of Plastic Materials and Compounds

ABS Acrylontrile- butadiene –styene
CA Cellulose acetate
CN Cellulose mtrate
EP Epoxide; Epoxy
PA Polyamide
PC Polycabonate
PEFP Poly (eyhylene terphthalate)
PVC Poly (vinyl cloride)
PVDC Poly(vinylidene-chloride)
PO polypropylene
PPO Poly(phenylune oxide)
PS Polystyrene
PSF Polyoulfono
PTFF Polytetrofluoroetylene
PUR Polyurethane
PVAC Poly (vinyl alcohol)
PVAL Poly(vinyl alcohol)
SB Styrene-butadiene
UF Urea-formaldehyde
UP Unsaturated Poyeaster


The objectives of this report are as under:

  • Primary objective:

The primary objective of this report is to fulfill the requirement of assignment. For this reason we had to be attached with an organization so that we can have some practical job related experience along with the academic knowledge.

  • Secondary objectives:

The study was conducted to achieve the following secondary objectives:

i. To gain a relationship between theoretical and practical learning and real life situation of SHURWID Industries Ltd.

ii. To know the history of SHURWID Industries Ltd.

iii. To get an idea about the overall performance of SHURWID Industries Ltd.

iv. To know about the rules and regulation of the Industry.

v. To know about present possession of SHURWID Industries Ltd.

vi. To study existing company & customers relationship.

vii. To determine the importance of various customers service of the company and customer’s satisfaction level with the existing services

Research Description:

a. Type of Research:

1. Exploratory Research: Ambiguous Problem.

2. Descriptive Research: Aware of partially defined problem.

3. Casual Research: Clearly Defined Problem.

b. Sample Design

The population: All the Members of Shurwid Industries Limited (SIL) located in Dhaka and Gazipur has been taken into consideration as population.

Sampling Unit: In order to carry out the research work, we focused on taking the interviews of the Personnel involved in the different departments, Manager and Senior Level Employees, Business Clients.

Sample Size: 300 Employees

Sampling Method: The sampling procedure was conducted on the Deliberate Sampling method, where the respondents and the interviewees are considered on my convenience and priority.

C. Survey Method:

D. Questionnaire Design:

I) Follow-up Supply Chain Management system.

II) JIT (Just in time) Follow-up.

E. Data Analysis & Interpretation: The collected data was processed through computer encoding as well as manually, depending on the nature of the query being solved. The processed data was being analyzed. Finally, on the basis of the analysis results, the study concluded the answers to the research objectives for the final stage of the study and the report preparation.


PLASTIC companies are ensure various promotional activities to increase their market share by the channel like, distributors & frequent working of marketing department (sales force) of the company. During my internship period I try to covered the market competitiveness, market opportunity problems, the financial strength of SHURWID Industries Ltd. advertising weakness, delivery weakness, external strength, product quality and export opportunities.


Company Profile

Name of the Company

SHURWID Industries Limited. As a short form of SIL

Location of the Company

Corporate / Main Office

House # 6/6 (2nd floor), Block # F, Lalmatia, Dhaka – 1207.

Phone # 8121687, 9126832, Fax # 8141718

E-mail #


Bi-Mile, Kashem cotton Mill Road, Konabari, Gazipur.

Phone # 9298717

Registration & Operation of the Company

SIL has registered with Register of Joint Stock Companies in March 26, 2004 and its trail operation start on April 26, 2008 and commercial production start from May 03, 2008.

Types of the Company

SIL are the multinational company with an American citizen & the Managing Director of STS Pack Holding Ltd. Bulgarian. SIL Manufacture high barer PVC blister film for sensitive drugs, Garments Accessories, Toys, Tooth Brushes, Electronics and All kind of Packing Industries, Fast Food shop & Departmental Stores in local market.

Directors & Officers

Directors Involvement/Interest in other companies

Sl. No. Name Age


Designation Entities Where They have Interested
1. MD. ANIS AHMED 44 Chairman Managing Director: Birds Bangladesh.
2. ZAHEDUL HOQUE 48 Managing Director Director : Quality Plastic Industries

Proprietor : Trade & Trading

3. ABUL HASAN MASUD 58 Director CEO : APF Financial Inc., USA
4. SHAHRA BEGUM 52 Director Proprietor : Odyssey Exclusive Collection
5. EZAZUL HOQUE 50 Director Proprietor: Hoque Pet Industries
6. MD. SAIJUDDIN 48 Director Partner : Prime Tailor
9. RAIHANA ZAHED RUNA 39 Director Proprietor : Bushras Collection
10. SYEDA SAYMA AKTHER 42 Director Director: Birds Bangladesh.

Family Relationship among the Directors

The Relationship among the directors is stated below:

Name of The Director Position in the Company Relationship
MD. ANIS AHMED Chairman Self
ZAHEDUL HOQUE Managing Director Self
SYEDA SAYMA AKTHER Director Wife of Chairman
EZAZUL HOQUE Director Brother Of MD
SHAHRA BEGUM Director Sister Of MD

The Management Committee (Employee)

Name Position in the Company
Mrs. Halima Khandakar Accounts & Finance
Mr. Aurun Kanti Das Accounts Manager
Md. Arefin Akter Doly Admin Manager
Md. Khorshedul Islam Marketing Manager
Mr. Juwel Kanti Day Sales Manager
Md. Azizul Islam Commercial Manager
Md. Abdur Rahim Assistant Manager(Sales &Marketing)
Md. AlBeurini (Tanim) Assistant Manager Marketing


Corporate Status and Background:

Shurwid Industries Ltd. is a public limited Company but the company was incorporated in Bangladesh on 16.03.2004 as a Private Limited Company under the Companies Act 1994 in ‘Z House’, 6/6, Block-F, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207 by 75% local investment, 25% foreign investment and entitled as a multinational company in Board of Investment (BOI), Bangladesh and started its commercial operation on 02.05.2008. Subsequently the company was converted into Public Limited Company on April 12, 2010 and the project is located at Bi Mile, Konabari, and Gazipur. Authorized and paid –up capital structure of the company is as follows:

Particulars No. Of Share Face Value Amount in Taka
Authorized Capital 5,00,00,000 Tk. 10.00 50,00,00,000.00
Paid-up Capital 41,52,890 Tk. 10.00 4,15,28,900.00
Total 4,15,28,900.00

The project of the company is equipped with balanced modern new machineries imported from Europe, with a view to producing product of international standard. This happens to be the project of state of art, which has earned high reputation in PVC film (drug packaging film) sector.

Nature of Business

The principal activities of the company are to carry on the business of drug (specially tablet & capsule) and food packaging plant to produce PVC film (Pharma & Food grade) for Pharmaceuticals, Food industries and export thereof.

Principal Products:

The company has been set up to produce international standard Pharma and food grade PVC Film from FDA approved raw materials.

Market of the Products:

The company procedures PVC film for pharmaceuticals and food industries and export thereof. All buyer of the company are located within the country and business transactions have been being made by cash and L/C. Generally L/C’s are received in terms of payment ‘at sight’.

(1) Relative Contribution of the Services Contributing More Than 10% of Total Revenue:

The Company produces PVC film for drug (especially tablet, capsule), food packaging, stationery, toy Industries and Garments Accessories.

(2) Associates, Subsidiary/ Related Holding Company:

Shurwid Industries Ltd. has no Associates or Subsidiary company.

(3) Distribution of Products/Services:

The company produces PVC Film products for pharmaceuticals and food industries and export thereof. We may demonstrate the distribution process as follows:

Production process of PVC Sheet:

Prepare Chemical composition
Mixture by Machine
Finished Product Store
Slitting/ Cutting

Production Process of Forming Item:


(4) Competitive Conditions in the Business:

There is a huge demand-supply gap for the product of the Company in the PVC blister film market. The Company earned good name and fame in the PVC film market of the country of its quality. There is a 15% Import Duty for importing finished PVC blister film from abroad but for local production this is a totally duty free.

Name of Foreign Companies Country
Nuplas Industries Ltd. UAE
Macro Plastic SDN. BHD. Malaysia
Rifidtex SDN BHD Malaysia
Hanjin Chicago 0031W Taiwan
Primax International Corp. Taiwan
AC-Flien GMBH Germany

(5) Sources and Availability of Raw Materials and the Name of the Principal Suppliers:

The raw material of the company is PVC Resin, Tin Stabilizer, Impact Modifier and etc. which is fully procured from abroad. The company imports the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)- approved raw materials from the United States of America and Thailand to produce world-standard blister film. The names of main suppliers are mentioned below:

SL. No. Name of Supplier Address
1 Vinythai Public Company Ltd.(Solvay) Green Tower, 3656/41, Rama IV Road Klongtoey, Bangkok-10110, Thailand
2 Rohm and Haas Singapore (PTE) Ltd 11 Tuas Avenue 12, Singapore 639034
3. Kaneka (Malaysia) SDN, BHD Suite 6,02, 6th Floor, Regent Office Block 160, Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 KualaLumpur, Malaysia.
4. Cognls Oleochemicals (Sdn Bhd (63112-D) 42507 Telko Panglima Garang,

Selangor, Malaysia.

(6) Sources of and requirement for, power, gas & water:

All required utility facilities are available at the project site and those are stated below:


Power requirement for the project is 250 KW which are met up from 360 KW own operating gas generator. Yet for smooth operation of the project power connection from REB has been arranged as stand by.


The project is required 9m3 of water per day which is met up from own deep tubule.


Titas Gas Distribution Company Limited supplies required gas for the project

(7) A) Name of the customers who purchase 5% or more of the company’s pharma grade product/service:

S/L Customer Name Address Nature of Transaction
1 ACI Pharmaceuticals Ltd. ACI Center, 245 Tejgaon Industrial Area Dhaka-1205 By Cheque
2 Alco Phama Ltd. House# 21,Road# 113/A, Gulshan-2


By Cheque
3 Albion Laboratories Ltd Ban Goveshanagar Road, Sholashahar,Chittagong By Cheque
4 Ambee Pharmaceuticals Ltd. House-1, Road-71, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212 By Cheque
5 Amico Laboratories Ltd. 12/3,Tajmahal Road Mahammadpur,Dhaka-1207, By Cheque
6 Apex Pharma Ltd House-6 Road-137, Gulshan By Cheque
7. Benham Pharmaceuticals Ltd TMC Building (2nd& 8th Floor)

52, New Escaton Road, Dhaka-1000

By Cheque
8. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 19, Dhanmondi R/A, Road No-7,


By Cheque
9. Beacon Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Orion House, 153-154 Tejgaon I/A,


By Cheque
10 BIO Pharma Laboratories Ltd 7/16 Lalmatia, Block-B,


By Cheque
11 Bristol Pharma Ltd 6/3, Block-B, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207 By Cheque
12 Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd 2A/1 South West Darus Salam Road

Mirpur, Dhaka-1216

By Cheque
13 ChemicoLaboratories Ltd 338, Segunbagicha,


By Cheque
14 Cosmic Chemicals Industries Plot-I/21, Block-K Sector-2 Road-3

Rupnagar,Mirpur, Dhaka-1216

By Cheque
15 Doctors Chemical Works Ltd. 44, Dilkusha CA,Dhaka-1000, By Cheque
16 Drug International Limited 17, Green Road Dhaka-1205 By Cheque
17. Delta Pharma Ltd House-500, Road-34, New DOHS

Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206

By Cheque
18. Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd. Gulshan Tower (9th Floor), Plot-31, Road-53, Gulhan-2, Dhaka-1212 By Cheque
19. Edruc Ltd 14, Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka-1000 By Cheque
20. Ethical Drugs Ltd 19, Dilkusha Rahman Tower (8th Floor),Dhaka-1000 By Cheque
21. General Pharmaceuticals Ltd. House # 48A,Road # 11A,Dhanmondi Dhaka – 1209. By Cheque
22. Globe Pharmaceuticals Ltd House #251/L (New),Road # 13/A (New),Dhanmondi R/A, By Cheque
23. Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd Wage Ernes Complex (3rd Floor) 71-72,Eskaton Garden Road


By Cheque
24. IBN-SINHA Phar. Industries Ltd House # 41,Road#10/4,Dhanmondhi By Cheque
25. Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 40,Shahid Tajuddin Ahmed Sharani


By Cheque
26. Indo Bangla Pharmaceutical Works Cillege Road, Barishal. By Cheque
27. Medicon Laboratories 44, Purana Paltan (1st floor)


By Cheque
28. Novo Healthcare and Pharma Ltd United House, 10 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, By Cheque
29. Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 125/A Matijheel CA

(Islam chamber), Dhaka-1000

By Cheque
30. Orion Laboratories Ltd. Orion House, 153-154, Tajgaoa Industrial area,Dhaka1208, By Cheque
31. Pacific Pharmaceuticals 5 Nawab Stratwari, Dhaka-1203, By Cheque
32. Pharmic Laboratories Ltd. Koholla,1512/A O.R Nijam Road, Mehedibagh,Chittagong By Cheque
33. Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd House-25, Road-2, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205 By Cheque
34. Prime Pharmaceuticals Ltd City Heart Building (8th Floor) 67, Nayapaltan, Dhaka-1000 By Cheque
35. Proteety Pharmaceuticals Ltd. House-214, Lane-13 Lake Road, New Dohs Mohakhali Dhaka-1206 By Cheque
36. Reman Drug Laboratories 392 New Eskaton Road,Dhaka-1000 By Cheque
37. Renata Limited House-450, Road-31, New DOHS,

Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206,

By Cheque
38. Repco Laboratories Ltd. 33/C Dilu Road, Dhaka-1000 By Cheque
39. Silva Pharmaceuticals Limited House # 65, Road # 8/A

(New), Dhanmondi R/A,Dhaka – 1209

By Cheque
40. Sonear Laboratories Ltd. 11/3, Toybu circular road, Motijheel C/A,Dhaka-1000, By Cheque
41. Sun Pharmaceuticals (Bangladesh) Ltd. House # 4, Road # 16/A Gulshan-1


By Cheque
42. Standard laboratories Ltd. Pine View (2nd floor), 100 Agrabd CA,Chittagong. By Cheque
43. Syntho Laboratories Ltd. 19/B Lake Circus, Kalabagan, Dhaka-1205. By Cheque
44. Techno Drugs 13 Topkhana Road,Segunbagicha, Dhaka-1000 By Cheque
45. Tropical Pharmaceuticals Ltd. House-270, Road-1, Baitul Mana Housing Society, Shamoli, Dhaka-1207 By Cheque
46. The ACME laboratories Ltd. Court Dela ACME, ¼ Kallayanpur,Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1207 By Cheque
47. The White Horse Pharma 67, Dilkusha C/A (4th floor) Dhaka-1000 By Cheque
48. Unimed & UniHealth Manufactures Ltd. 5/8 Block-C, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207 By Cheque
49. United Laboratories Ltd. 1202, Askarabd,Dewanhat, Chittagong. By Cheque
50. United Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd 1954/AC.D.A.Avenue, G.P.O. Box No 485, Chittagong. 33/E,Fidc Road, Kalurghat, Chittagong By Cheque
51. Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 42,Dilkusha C/A (5th Floor), Dhaka-1000 By Cheque

b) Name of the customer(s) who purchase 5% or more of the Company’s food grade product/service:

Sl.No. Name of Customer Address Nature of Transaction
1 Euro Hut Dhanmondi-15, Dhaka By Cash
2 Tatka Agro Foods House #34, Road #27, Dhanmondi, Dhaka By cheque
3 Californea Fried Chicken Road #27, Dhanmondi, Dhaka By Cash
4 Joypur Sweets Shakertake, Mohammadpur By Cash
5 Bikrompur Sweets Kolabagan, Main Road, Dhaka By Cash
6 Alpha Ball Pen Hatkhola, Dhaka By cheque
7 New Light House BCC Eoad, Thadary Bazar, Dhaka By cheque
8 Shams House Sec-3, Road-11, Uttara, Dhaka. By Cash
9 Royal Foods Lalbagh, Dhaka By Cash
10 Pitha Ghar Kolabagan, Dhaka By Cash

(8) Contract with Principal Suppliers/Customers:

There is no contract with principal suppliers or customers other than the normal course of business.

(09) Material Patents, Trademark, Licenses or Royalty Agreements:

Company is registered at BOI, VAT License from NBR and Import License from CCI&E. No requirement of Material Patents, Trade Mark, Royalty Agreement.

(10) Employees’ position as on 31.01.10

Monthly Salary Range Factory Head Office Total Employee
Below 20 Thousands 130 21
Above 20 Thousands 05 10

All are full time salaried employees. There is no part-time employee in the Company.

(12) Production Capacity and Current Utilization:

Installed Production Capacity of Shurwid Industries Ltd. is as under:

Product Quantity (M.T) per Year
PVC Film 1500

Manufacturing of PVC Food Grade Disposable Item:

Product Quantity(Pcs) per Month
PVC Launch Box 10,00,000
PVC Plate 3,00,000
PVC Transparent Container 4,00,000
PVC Bati 2,00,000
PVC Biscuit Tray 5,00,000
PVC ICE Cup 2,00,000
PVC Burger Box 8,00,000
PVC Square Tray 1,50,000

Product Description:

PVC film/sheet is transparent base material for blister pack and its basic raw material is PVC Resin. Our Product has standard color; options are Glass clear, Amber, Green, Blue, Opaque White and Milk white. The Products thickness varies between (100mic-1mm) with a maximum width of 800mm. Our own automatic computerized machine checks & controls products thickness, width and quality online. All pharmagrade products are being produced keeping in mind the safety requirement of pharmaceuticals.

Why will you buy from SHURWID?

· Good quality

· Better price

· Minimum lead time. Delivery can be made within a week

· No inventory carrying cost

· No import hassle

· To support local Bangladeshi entrepreneur

· The products are having clean superiority in appearance performance, workmanship and life/durability

· PVC / PVDC Film / Sheet

· PVC Soft Film

· PVC Thermoforming Film

· PVC Disposable Lunch Box

· PVC Disposable Plate

· PVC Disposable one time cup

· PVC Disposable one time Glass

· PVC Disposable Container

· PVC Disposable Item

Name of Machinery

SL No. Assets Purchase Date Origin
01. Air Compressor (3 Pcs) 30.01.08 Italy
02. Air Condition 02.04.08 USA
03. Band Machine (8 NO’S) 13.11.08 China & Bangladesh
04. Chiller-1 26.12.07 Italy
05. Chiller-2 10.12.09 Italy
06 Cover Van-1 12.05.09 China
07. Cover Van-2 29.05.08 India
08. Dies Making Forming
09. Equipment
10. Extruder Machine 04.02.08 Italy
11. Factory Building
12. Tube Forming Machine 12.01.10 China
13. Vacum Forming Machine 31.03.09 China
14 Furniture & Fixture
15. Gas Generator 24.02.08 USA
16. Land & Land Development 18.06.06
17. Mixture Machine 28.02.08 India
18. Plastic Core 25.10.09
19. Slitting Machine 22.01.08 Taiwan
20. Software Tally 26.01.09
21. Tools & Spare
22. Web Development 18.08.09


Mission of SIL:

Providing a premium set of innovative products and services and granting superior value to their – shareholders, customers and employees.

Vision of SIL:

Continue to build their track record and in seek for excellence. They strive to meet the needs of both their customers and their employees. At SIL ensure customer satisfaction by providing high quality customer services. This is made possible by the professionalism of their employees all of whom are provided with the requisite training and opportunities to enable them to realize their full potential.

Social Commitment:

The Public Relation Division of SIL maintains effective support with the general public by communicating the policies and schemes of the industries through press and electronic media. Besides maintaining close relationship with journalists & advertising agencies.

SIL believes in serving the nation and building the country strong and always at the forefront to support noble causes and promote the social & culture activities in the country.

The Public Relation Division of SIL sponsors various social, cultural and sports events to generate healthy activities in the society. It also organizes religious programs to uphold the religious tradition of our people. The Division represents the industries at important forums to exchange views on national & international issues with various organizations to boost the intellectual activities.

About Product:

PVC need in our country minimum 300 metric ton. But our country fulfills this requirements only 150 metric ton. On of them, SHURWID Industries Ltd. production capacity only 90 metric ton and others Industries production capacity only 100 metric tons, like Sun Yead Industries, Aishi Industries & Mais Industries etc. Short product our country Import.

Industries Name Production Capacity
Shrwid Industries Limited 90 Metric Ton
Others Industries 100 Metric Ton
Import 210 Metric Ton

SWOT Analysis:

The comparison of strengths weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is normally referred to as a SWOT analysis. The central purpose of the SWOT analysis is to identify strategies that align, fit, or match a company’s resources and capabilities to the demands of the environment in which the company operates. To put it an other way, the purpose of the strategic alternatives generated by a SWOT analysis should be to build on company strengths in order to exploit opportunities and counter threats and to correct company weakens.

SWOT analysis explains in two broad ways on viewed of organizations environment. These are:

a)Internal Environment Analysis:

· It includes:

1) Strength

2) Weakness

a) External Environment Analysis:

· It includes:

1) Opportunity

2) Threats

During my internship period in SIL I have found some aspects relating to the Industries strength, opportunity, weakness and threats, which are more or less. I think affecting the Industries performance in total, which are explained below:


· SIL I have already established a favorable reputation in the industry of the country. It is one of the leading private sector commercial Industries in Bangladesh. The industry has already shown a tremendous growth in the profits and deposits sector.

· SIL has provided its industry service with a top leadership and management position. The Board of Directors is the skilled person in business world. The top management officials have all worked in reputed company and their years of industry experience, skill, and expertise will continue to contribute towards further expansion of the Industry.

· SIL has an interactive corporate culture. The working environment is very friendly, interactive and informal. And, there are no hidden barriers or boundaries while communicate between the superior and the employees. This corporate culture provides as a great motivation factor among the employees.

· SIL has the reputation of being the provider of good quality services too its potential customers.


· The industry failed to provide a strong quality-recruitment policy in the lower and some mid level position. As a result the services of the industry seem to be Deus in the present days.

· Service quality of this industry is good but hot high as the customers want and expectation. The quality of the service at SIL is higher than the others industry

· Some of the job in SIL has no growth or advancement path.


· In order to reduce the business risk, SIL has to expand their business portfolio.

· In addition of those things, SIL can introduce special corporate scheme for the corporate customer. At the same time, they can emphasize more on various social activities because it has these opportunities.


· The low compensation package of the employees from mid level to lower level position threats the employee motivation. As a result, good quality employees leave the organization and it effects the organization as a whole.

· Daily basis interest.


  • Environmental Policy

SIPL is committed to maintain highest standard of environmental protection and want to ensure the consumer that all actives of SIL are being done without any adverse impact on the environment.

We firmly believe that we are responsible to the government for protecting environment

The entire employees are well aware of their responsibility and commitments.

  • Objectives:

We always practice national legislation on environment and ensure that no stage of our operations will compromise / hamper the safety of people, product and environment.

We continuously analyze and improve the environmental impact of our existing & future packaging products.

We minimize risks of pollution by

a) Handling of materials in a safe manner.

b) Minimizing dust and noise levels.

We co-operate with national environmental authorities & consultative bodies as well as strive to raise the environmental awareness of our supplies.

We ensure that employees in general and management in particular understand & comply with environmental responsibilities through proper training and internal audits to Check for Compliance.

  • Implementation:

Factory Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Production in Charge and all other stuffs have specific responsibility for the implementation of the policy in their respective areas.

  • Quality Policy

We follow total quality management principle:

a) Success is built on quality

b) Quality is a join effort

c) Quality is made by people

We are committed to continuous improvement of our products.

We are committed to supply high quality products to our buyer’s consumers.

We ensure competitive price by adopting latest manufacturing technology

Findings and Analysis

Analysis of Employee Survey:

This questionnaire is based on the satisfaction of the customers to using SIL products and services. What I have found in my study that I furnished below:

Employee Age Group of SIL:

SIL’s Employee Age Group

Employee Gender of SIL:

Employee Gender


Hopefully the management decided to provide fully computerized services that will booster services of the industry.

· Officers of the desk, where workload is very high, hardly get the chance to go out for development purpose and always feel that their duties for the organization.

· Management decision is very quick.

· Employee is too much proportional.(Head Office & Factory)

· Everybody is high qualified.

· Marketing department & sales department are highly qualified.

· Factory Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Production in Charge and all other stuffs have specific responsibility for the implementation of the policy in their respective areas.

· The products are having clean superiority in appearance performance, workmanship and life/durability.

· Continuously analyze and improve the environmental impact of our existing & future packaging products.

· Committed to supply high quality products to our buyer’s consumers.


In this part tried to come up with a number of recommendations pertinent to the overall performance of the company. These recommendations are based on the study of last two years financial performance. The following suggestions are recommended for increasing the overall performance of the company:

· The synergy of dedicated manpower, technology, and market opportunity can lead the organization to achieve the goal.

· The management should increase the current assets in order to meet the current obligations, so that firm can attain a comfortable liquidity.

· SIL should train up their head personnel about all sort of information regarding and its service.

· Shurwid Industries Limited management should take attempts to reduce its administrative, selling and distribution expenses.

· Attempts should be made to use debt capital efficiently in its capital structure in order to enjoy the benefit of leverage.

· It seems to me that day-by-day customers operation is increasing, individual employee has to handle different types of job. But that is pocking a back for an employee. As a result it might be happen any big mistake by the employee and service is also timed consuming and customer has to suffer for this situation. May be it would be the reason for employee’s de-motivation as well as the customer’s dissatisfaction.

· Control should be and adjusted through responsibility accounting.

· SIL should focus on their promotional activities.

· They should also focus on the marketing aspects to let customers know about their products and offerings and more promotion should be given to attract new customer.

· Time consumed at service level should be minimized at optimum level.


Bangladesh is one of the world’s most prominent developing nations. The country’s economy is based on agriculture .Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers Association (BPGMA) is a private sector association and also representing our country total plastic goods industries. One of the important factors of service business is to satisfy customers. Especially, for the company, which is the principal service business, the evaluation of the satisfaction by the customers for various kinds of services is a very important index for measuring the competition level of the industry.

Consumer behavior is an interesting and important area that evolves rapidly because of their perception, motivation, and attitudes towards the product or service, they are enjoying. This study has several objectives, which has fulfilled by different analysis. The first objective was to measure the customer satisfaction of SIL. Shurwid Industries Limited (SIL) providing satisfied level of service quality.


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