Security Documentation

“The Lawyers & Jurists” has an impressive history of assisting various banks and financial institutions with a primary objective to cut down on imperfect security which ultimately results in costly legal action and losses. Our lawyershas a greater depth of understanding security documents which ensures that our clients holds only perfect security. We are always there to assist any bank or financial organization with security documentation.

In recent years, the firm has been involved in many of the most high-profile securities cases in the nation, including the barrage of stock option and executive compensation investigations. We have litigated virtually every type of securities case, including fraud and non-disclosure cases under blue-sky laws, merger and proxy disputes, “all holders/best price” rule litigation, corporate governance litigation, and insider trading and option disputes, including numerous derivative and class action claims in these areas. We are currently handling over a dozen cases arising out of the meltdown of the auction rate securities and mortgage-backed securities markets. We have represented about 500 companies, investment banks, accountants, directors, officers, institutional investors,hedge funds, indemnities, financial advisors, special committees, and broker-dealers in federal and state courts throughout the country, in industries ranging from securities, defense, banking and insurance to entertainment, pharmaceuticals, software and computing.

Our trial expertise is well known to the leading members of the clients, against whom we regularly litigate. We also seek opportunities for creative settlements that will give plaintiffs’ counsel their needed fig leaf, but will give our clients an early resolution at reasonable expense. We have achieved similar successes representing plaintiffs in securities matters.