Constitutional Amendment and Caretaker Government in Bangladesh

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Militancy in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is for from being a developed democracy at this point of time. Bangladesh has suffered in recent years from out burst of extremist Militancy. This new and Undesirable phenomenon appeared in the Country. So Military is Serious transcend national and regional dimensions in it has represents a global threat of Unprecedented nature. It is a threat to trade, economic and humanity Security.
Bangladesh is a Islamic Militant state. 30 Religious Militant Organization group have set up their net work Across the Country since 1989 with the control objective of establishing an Islamic state. Many of them have given armed training to their member of conduct jihad  (21/05/08 daily star)
Established the alleged Connection between Bangladesh. Alquran and the recruitment of Myanmar’s Muslims to fight in Afghanistan
Bangladesh is steeped in fundamentalism and bent on churning out Radicals in the mould of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The alleged objective was to established Islamic rules. So those fact It was Alleged that an Al Qaeda affiliate Called Harkatul Jihad al Islam (HUJI) was founded by Osama Bin Ladens.
The JMB is however learnt to be the youth front of the Al Mujahedeen the Organization that began working in the mid 1990 and still remains obscure
This is one of the issues of public debate on Militancy in Bangladesh. Some name of Militant Group such as.

  1. Jamatul Jihad
  2. Jamatul Mojahiden Bangladesh.
  3. Ahle Hadith Andolone
  4. Ahle Hadith Jubo shangho
  5. Jagrata Mustim Janata
  6. Harkatul Jihad
  7. Hizbut Towhid
  8. Tawhide Janata
  9. Islamic Jubo Shangho
  10. Islami Shangho
  11. Al Falah A.AM Unnayan Shanstha.
  12. Shadadat-e-Al-Himma
  13. Bangladesh Islami Biplobi Parishad
  14. Shadadat Al Hiqma
  15. Hizbut Tahrir
  16. Bushwa Islami front
  17. Jumaatul sadat
  18. Al Jomiatul Islamia
  19. Iraq Jote Allahr Dal
  20. Al Khidmal Bahine
  21. Al Mujahed
  22. Jamaati yahea
  23. Jihady party
  24. Al Harkat Al Islamia
  25. Al Mahfuz Al Islamia
  26. Shahadat e-Nabuwat
  27. Joish-e-Mostafa
  28. Tohfize Haramaine parished
  29. Hizbul Mojahideen
  30. Duranta Kafela
  31. Muslim Guerrilla. They are Belive to mission of the Mujahidden.
Bangladesh fights against Militancy. It is important to review that Militant was to established Islamic rule so some tens of thousands of Modrashas exist in Bangladesh many which are led by veterans of jihad against the soviets in Afghanistan (Bangladesh : Breeding Ground for Muslim terror and Religious Extremism and Nationalism). The alleged connection between Bangladesh and Al Qaeda to fight in Afghanistan.
Stores about alleged Bangladeshi involvement in Militancy incidents began grow exponentially especially in our neigh boring country
Wherefrom their funding comes and how and to whom it is disbursed and which are the financial institutions involved in their banking and other transactions. To get all the account numbers and also the nature and transaction particulars of the accounts. (According to a report published in The Daily Star, on Aug 31, some 31 foreign funded major Islamic NGOs are registered with the NGO affairs Bureau and 15 of them are getting over Tk. 200 Crore in donation every year from the donors, mostly in the middle east, mainly from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE Some of these NGOs also get fund from the US.UK. These NGOs include Islamic Foundation, Al Maghrib Eye Hospital, etc. There are several hundred local NGOs registered with Social welfare Department. These local NGOs also get foreign funds, But they do not have any accountability as they work as affiliate of the foreign funded ones. The Kuwait based BGO Revival for Islamic Heritage Society and Saudia Arabia Based NGO Al Barmain Islamic Foundation’ carried clandestine links to foster its ideologies till very recently. These Ngos get donations for construction of Mosques etc from the Middle Eastern patrons, but a big chunk of their funds are spent on secret missions.
According to one report submitted intelligence agencies a six-month hund has revealed that at least 10 Islami NGOs that are channeling funds to various Islamist outfits and fuelling Islamic militancy in country, These are
  1. Rabita Alam Al Islamj
  2. Al Mantade Al Islam
  3. Society of social Reform
  4. Kater Charitable society
  5. Islamic Relief Agency
  6. A frocun Foundation
  7. International Relief Organization
  8. Kuwait Joint Relief Committee
  9. Muslim Aid Bangladesh
  10. Towhid a noor
The report reveals that more than 100 foreigners, from different ME and A frican countries cultured Bangladesh on tourist visas and have been working without a work permit illegally in these organizations having a ‘deep rooted’ relation with JI, Islami Oikya Jote the two major components of the Government.
According to South Asia Intelligence Review, JMB spends about 20 million taka/year, out of which about 15 million goes to procure the explosive materials and devices and the rest for training and other expenses of the militant. A part of this money for JMB comes from the Islamic International NGOs, registered with the NGO Bureau gets foreign finance worth Tk 2000 million, giving Tk 50 million to Tk 700 million per local Islamic NGO The Second source is the ‘hundi’ from workers in the ME, Still a third source is the domestic investments.
As regards arms, the splinter militant groups and different Rohinga Organizations are reportedly acting as the main conduits, using the eastern hillyh border as well as by maritime routes through cox Bazaar, Teknaf, St. Martin, Moheskhali as well as the western routes using the Dublarchar of Bagerhat for bringing in weapons Combat materials from Mynamer and India. Further, the coming mont of holy Ramadan was to used for further orientation consolidation under cover of holding religious congregation for the final assault, preferably by the beginning of the next year The organization agreed to join the plan include, among others.
  1. Jamat-e-Yahya.
  2. AL Turag
  3. Hijbul Towhid,
  4. Al Marzakul al Islami
  5. Jamat ul Falaya,
  6. Jamat ul Mujahidin
  7. Shahdat e Hikma
  8. Al Hartak al Islamia
Bangladesh has suffered in recent years from out bursts of Militant group Attract despite its historical and Social dynamic that loaded against any form of Militancy based on Religious extremism. The major early incidence were.
One 6 March 1999 explosions at the Udichis (a secular Independent Cultural Organization) Cultural function in Jessore district Left 10 People dead and over 100 injured.
Same year on 8 October 8 People were killed and 30 others injured in a Bomb blast at Ahmedia Masjid in Khulna. It was followed by another bomb blast at alai pak Darbarsharif a carter for congregation of followers of sufi Muslim holy men in faridpur district, killing 4 people.
On 20 January 2001, 7 people were killed in Bomb blasts at the communist party Bangladesh rally at pattan Maidan and nearly Awami League office at Bangladesh Avenue Dhaka.
Two Months later on 14 April 2001, the first day of Bengali New year. 10 people were killed and some 50 wound deed in Bomb explosions at cultural function at Ramna park in Dhaka.
On 3 June 2001, 10 More People were killed and 30 others injured in a Bomb attack on a church at Baniarchang in Gopalganj district.
On 15 June 2001, a bomb attack on the awami league office in Narayanganj district left 22 people dead and many more injured
On 23 September 2001, 8 people were killed and over 100 injured in a Bomb attack on an AL public meeting at mollarhat in Outlying Bagerhat district.
On 26 September 2001, 4 people were killed in a Bomb blast near an Al rally in sunamganj district
On 28 September 2002 more than 100 people were injured in a series of blasts at movie house and circus arena in outlying satkhira district
On 6 December 2002, bomb blasts in four movie houses at mymensingh district town killed 27 and injured more than 200.
Seven people were killed and 20 others injured in a Bomb blast at a fair in tangail district on 17 January 2003.
Three people were killed and the British High Commission in Bangladesh Mr, Anwar choudhury was among the 70 injured in a powerful bomb blast at Hazrat Shahjalal Shrine in sylhet district On 21 May 2004. Grenade attacks on an Al rally in Dhaka left 22 people, including senior Al Leader Mrs. Lvy Rahman, dead and over 100 injured; AL President shikh Hasina narrowly escaped the attack.
A major grenade attack On an AL Rally in Habiganj district on 27 January 2005 left four people dead, including senior AL Leader shah AMS kibrea.
On 17 August 2005 nation wide bomb explosions at some 500 Spots across 63 districts within a span of 30 minutes left 2 per dead and several injured.
On 14 November 2005 in the southern district of Jhalakati bomb attacks on a vehicle left 7 people dead including two Judges of the district count
On 29 November 2005, first ever in Bangladesh suicide bomber exploded himself at the court house of the Gazipur district killing himself along with seven others.
On 29 November, 2005 on the court premises of the port city of chittagong suicide attacks on a police transport left 2 dead, including one policeman and 20 Injured.
A Bomb is a container filled with exposure mixture when an explosion occurs the explorer materials produce a large volume of gas and release a large amount of energy. A person can be injured by an explosion in number of ways
The temperature of exposure gases can exceed 200c, causing heat cramps, heat strokes, heart exhaustion. The radiated heat can course flash burns.
It causes extensive burn which involves irregular area of skin to a deferent degree.
Some bomb produce irrespirable gases like co, H2S, So2 etc if a bomb explodes in a confined space enough CO2 is produced to cause asphyxia.
The tympanic membrane may rupture with hemorrhage in the ear.
In high powered bomb explosion a building is demolished. The person inside the building sustains multiple injuries and die from traumatic asphyxia.
Suppositional hemorrhage and tearing of abdominal my occur Intracranial hemorrhage, pneunmothorax raptures stomach and bowel.
Bombing Bangladesh a debate is raging on the cause of suicide or Militant Bombing. There are deferent views, of course (1) some commentators emphasize that islam breeds contempt and violence against the other’s and especially against the west and that motivates the young angry Muslims to attempts suicide bombing. Some other feel that it is Alienation of the youth in western countries due to their marginalization in that it is maintain on Account of Modrasha education.
(2) Many Commentators have also pointed out any militancy is response to other state militancy
(3) Many of then has also point out that any boring is Product of madrasha, the majority of the mad rasha graduates are not equipped with education suitable.
(4) Some generally believe that may be the are emotionally involved But when they are emotionally involved their objectively also goes down the hill.
(5) The policy makers are often rectums of their own Prejudices A part from their political Interest.
(6) Many of them believe in that properly and unemployment is also on caused of Militancy.
Militancy problem is urgently necessary to take proper steps for the control of militancy in our country both long and short term plans can be taken.
(1) Fire priorities are being currently pursued
(A) Breaking the I ideological motivation of the militancy
(B) Blocking their financial supply
(C) Closing sources of explosives
(D) Rounding up the militant
(E) Putting in place effective counter Militant unit.
Investigating the bomb blasts, what need to be done.
 (1) First of all it has to be ensured that following a bomb blast leaders of the political parties do not engage them selves in an acrimonious blame game.
(2) Secondly, adequate training both in country and external has to be organized along with simile ligneous creation of enclosure unites in selected place. These unites must have sufficient technical support to conduct the initial investigation since these exclusive unites will not attack volunteers for practical reasons. It would be necessary to provides them very attractive incentives for drawing the proper talents from the police organization At the same time very intensive or in depth exposure will no be necessary at this armed forces expertise can always be counted upon as supple mentary assistance.
(3) Increased support needs to be given for strengthening the laboratory of CID that has a ballistics section in a less than modern condition.
(4) Monetary incentives should be substantially increased so that the allegedly dormant intelligence out fits are sufficiently energized and quality in for motion becomes available to prevent the occurrence and to nab the culprits once the incident has taken place.
(1) The administration should immediately call for an all party meeting to discuses and decide upon a plan of action for tacking the resign incidences of militancy in the country.
(2) The Administration should arrange to close down forth with all religious organization and NGO,s on which intelligence in formation mint in financing Militant act
(3) The Administration should impose visa restriction for foreign visitors coming to participle in such religious gathering like the Bishwa ljtema or other religious sites and shrines
(4) The Administration should gear up intelligence monitoring of tabligh Jammat like, activities all over country like the one at the kakrail Masjid.
(5) The Administration should arrange to register madrasha all over the country. Create an independent national commission for recasting an d modernizing of the curriculum for the Madrashes. This should be a unified one and Mandatory for madrasha all over country.
(6) With immediate effect the focus of the electronic media on religious programs should be recast to reflect upon the various humanistic aspects of our religion.
(7) The Administration should enter into a network of collaborate agreements with other international agencies or countries the region Specific collaborative agreements should also be draw with such well know international intelligence agencies like the Scotlandyeard Interpol and FBI.
(8) Serious consideration should also be given of working out extradition agreements between our neighbors.
(9) As a part of our long term strategy we should routinely send our intelligence and member of the regular police force for training aimed at enhancing their professional expertise.
(10) Last but not least in important, plans should be put in plane right now with due ratification by the parliament for separating religious for polities
Bangladesh is suffering from the deadly problem of Militancy over the recent 10 years. and It is Global problem militancy problem over side all the above problem and spread its fang in our country. So Bangladesh takes steps against militant group.
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