Government Contracts and Litigation

“The Lawyers & Jurists” has a premier practice in the area of government contract litigation, investigations and protests, offering significant depth and experience to government contractors and other clients doing business with the Federal government. Our team draws from the skills and experience of one of the most prominent regulatory practices in the country. “The Lawyers & Jurists” is admired and well-known for its expertise in effectively and efficiently handling a variety of Government Contracts Litigation.

Our representations of government contractors have involved virtually all the substantive issues arising out of doing business with the government. Such issues come into play both in lawsuits involving government agencies directly and in disputes between commercial parties, such as subcontractors and prime contractors, in which the relationship derives from a government contract and its use of “flow-down” provisions.

A significant portion of our work in this area relates to matters alleging criminal or civil fraud. Those matters typically involve complex accounting issues springing from the regulatory overlay peculiar to government contracting. Additionally, we have been involved significantly in international procurement disputes, appearing before the International Chamber of Commerce, International Arbitration.

“The Lawyers & Jurists” blends the capabilities of these subject matter experts with a team of litigation and investigations lawyers who have handled some of the most complex and notable government contract-related investigations in recent years.