Real Estate and Property Matters

The right to shelter is a fundamental right embodied in both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of Bangladesh. Real estate development is a business activity concerned with land and construction that provides value-adding services by developing residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and integrated projects and related infrastructure. The concept of real estate in Bangladesh emerged after liberation. Over time, real estate has become a subject of keen interest for the general public, businessmen and other stakeholders. Real estate and Property related legal issues can be divided into (a) freehold land and buildings matters, (b) leasehold land and building matters and (c) real estate development matters.

“The Lawyers & Jurists” has an impressive history of assisting clients in securing their Real Estate & Property rights. We have experience of advising clients over apartment purchase, sale, mutation, search and disputes resolution.  We have experience team of lawyers who experience in dealing with complex property documents and government records, verification and searching of record.